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Apr 14, 2007 08:35 AM

Parm-Regg rinds

Just picked up a bunch - ordered them a year ago, so I've forgotten which recipe(s) called for them. I suspect it's Lidia B or Giada D (from TV, not book) although I suppose any number of recipes would benefit from their inclusion. Any specific or favorite ideas? Thank you!
P.S. How long will they keep if I freeze them?

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  1. I just saw Iron Chef America where they used them in a soup base. I don't remember the other ingredients exactly. But it was the Morimoto vs. Hopkins show that's airing this several times this week.

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      It was the sable fish (black cod) episode. The debate over whether cheese and seafood can coexist comes to mind (the lobster and mac-n-cheese thread).

    2. The Giada minestrone calls for them, I believe. My mother-in-law made some the other day and it was divine!


      1. I always throw some in my minestrone soup. But their rich flavour would work in any vegetable soup or, for that matter, in a tomato pasta sauce. They'll keep for ages in the freezer, if you keep them wrapped. Remember - you don't actually end up eating them. They just get fished out of the finished dish and tossed.

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          I chop them in 1/4 to 1/2 inch squares after they have cooked a while in my minestrone and then you do eat them. Wow!!!

          1. I had no idea that people ordered these -- I just save mine in the freezer. Throw into just about any stew or soup and lit it simmer away.

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              I'm w/you pikawicca-the first time I saw these for sale at Whole Foods I almost died! I just save mine in a bag too in the fridge and add them in the same manner that you do: soups, stews, sauces, etc. And yes, after they have been simmering for a good amount of time, they taste heavenly.