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Left over cooked potatoes....

Can these be frozen? And, if so, do you defrost before cooking/baking/roasting?
Or do you use them frozen?

Thanks for the input/advice...

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  1. freezing really destroys the texture. unless you put them in some kind of stew or soup where that won't matter so much.

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      Agreed. Plus you can use them in so many ways, you may not even notice that you're eating leftover potatoes for the 5th straight day :)

    2. Yeah, freezing seems to do weird things to the texture of potatoes.

      Make fritatta or a Spanish tortilla! Great for using up leftovers.

      1. Mash them up, add a bit of milk and shredded cheese. Pan fry in a bit of oil for some yummy potato cakes! Can serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

        You definitely don't want to freeze. Totally ruins the texture.

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          Or an even easier/healthier variant of potato cakes: add a bit of yoghurt and some seasonings and put into very lightly oiled muffin tins, bake at375 to let them get nice and browned. (Can even add an egg and a little flour in the mix if you really want more "cakey" cakes) I make these with dill and parmesan, but could also do curry, or any number of other variants depending what you want them as a side for :)

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            Or dice some up, with a few diced onions/veggies and some leftover meat, make a quick hash!

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              I started useing them in makeing my potoato salad, one day we will have
              leftover mashed potatoes, so I make potato salad out of that. and then once
              a week I make my refrigerator soup, all the leftovers in the frig. You will be
              surprised with what you can come up with like that.

          2. My mom never made fried potatoes from raw, usually boiled, and occasionally from baked (which I did not like). While I seldom serve just plain boiled potatoes, I do like to parboil them in chunks, toss in oil and seasonings and then roast with chicken or whatever. The leftovers get refrigerated until the weekend, when we do egg breakfasts, and then I dice them up and fry them, sometimes with a little chopped onion and hot pepper.

            As for leftover mashed, those get put to the same use, but as potato cakes, fried on the griddle. One of my favorite things to see in front of me at breakfast is a potato cake with a nice fried egg on top!

            1. Absolutely cannot freeze anything with potatoes...Make potato pancakes or a baked mashed potato casserole, or a shepard's pie....

              1. You can make (and freeze) the Irish potato farl, a kind of skillet bread. For 1/2 pound mashed potato, add 2 T. melted butter, salt and pepper, and 2 ounces flour. Knead into a dough and roll out about 1/4 " thick. You can add chopped green onions if you like. Fry on a greased griddle until nice and browned, about 4 minutes per side. These are very nice topped with smoked salmon and a poached egg. As a poor undergrad, potato farl served as a bed for creamed chipped beef many a night for dinner. I think I even recall using it as a bed for Spam with sweet and sour sauce, but I don't recommend this -- we were desperate for anything in those days.

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                  When I bake too many potatoes (washed, dried, pricked, rubbed with oil and COATED with sea salt, on a piece of foil on the oven rack), I let them cool to room temp, refridgerate and slice them thick the next day. I put them on the grill brushed with a little olive oil and pepper til they get crispy and grill marks. TASTY!

                2. fauchon, how were the potatoes cooked to begin with? For leftover mashed potatoes (and they don't last very long in my house) I like to warm them up in a small sauce pan with some extra buttermilk, then I stir in some chopped scallions and put in a small gratin dish and cover with grated cheese. I bake it until the cheese is melted and have a feast.

                  For boiled potatoes, these get sliced and pan fried with onions. Start the onions first, so they get browned and crispy.

                  For baked potatoes, these get sliced in their skins and pan fried with onions, just like their boiled brethren. I like these better, because I love potato skins.

                  If it's a different, fancier preparation, like a gratin I'm not sure how to help you. These get inhaled in my house!

                  1. I agree about the freezing. So use them up:

                    Toss potato cubes with pesto and chunks of steamed green beans
                    Make potato bread/scones
                    Use as a binder for veggie burgers
                    Chop and use for samosa filling (then make samosas, of course)
                    Use to thicken soup

                    1. Like 'most everything food-related, there are different opinions about freezing potatoes. I found the following link very informative, and hope you will also.


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                        The link says:

                        "The best potatoes for freezing are those that have been cooked, such as mashed potato patties, baked stuffed potatoes, or french fries."

                        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                          The OP says:

                          "Left over cooked potatoes....
                          Can these be frozen?"

                          The link also offers info on reheating.

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                            OD, indeed, you're right, thank you. I still would not freeze whole boiled potatoes (which we have at times).

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                              You're welcome, Sam. I can't see just plunking whole boiled potatoes 'as is' into the freezer either. Unless I had a TON of them, I'd most likely do a fried thing, or use in a potato salad or some sort of hash.

                              If, for whatever reason, I did have more than I could use while still fresh enough to be palatable, I'd try any of the suggestions on the link (again, below) to try to save them, in the spirit of having nothing to loose. :-)


                      2. Dice them up and make home fries or hash. Or grate them coarsely and make rosti-type crispy potato pancakes.

                        1. A couple different links say otherwise, though I've never had good frozen potato experiences... frozen potato skins? totally different fantastic ballgame... when I was a kid, mom had pre-made dinners/snacks/food delivered by some healthy chef and we always had baked potato skins in the freezer (of course empty of their starchy danger zones... )

                          http://hgic.clemson.edu/factsheets/HG... (freezing many things



                          Twice baked potatoes freeze much better, ironically enough...

                          1. Skordalia. http://greekfood.about.com/od/syrupss... . The only change I would make is to quadruple the amount of garlic.

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                              skordalia is delicious-I also make a potato cake-mash the potatos-add milk and herbs form into a cake and pan fry til crispy on the outside and warm and delicious on the inside