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Apr 14, 2007 08:05 AM


Flying in on Friday mourning, looking for somewhere to have a good possibly light breakfast in the downtown area or near a T stop. Heading to meet friends in Brookline in the afternoon and will be looking for a good lunch destination. Since I do not know what I will be in the mood for or how hungry I will be all recomendations are welcome, anything from grabbing a sandwich to a good sit down meal, any type of cuisine. I am on a budget and we are talking breakfast/lunch so nothing overly expensive (Under $25 for each). if you need more info let me know. Thanks

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  1. If you can walk a few blocks from a T stop (Tufts-New England Medical Center on the Orange Line), I'd recommend Rachel's Kitchen in Bay Village. Tiny, modestly-priced neighborhood place with outstanding, fresh breakfast plates and sandwiches and terrific cofffees and teas. Doesn't hurt that the owners, always behind the counter there, are so nice. Free Wi-Fi, too.

    Brookline's a big place: what neighborhood are you ending up in?

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      Not sure which neighborhood but can find out. Will be meeting my friend at the Trader Joes if that helps.

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        That puts you for lunch in Coolidge Corner. Consider these: Rami's for Israeli-style shwarma, one of the best shwarma places in town, in my view; Khao Sarn, an upscale Thai place; Dok Bua, a cheaper, divier, more authentic Thai place; Rod Dee II, an even cheaper but still worthy counter-service Thai storefront; the Upper Crust, a thin-crust gourmet-type pizza place; Zaftig's, a goyish approximation of a Jewish deli; Rubin's a real kosher deli; Anna's Taqeuria, a very popular and cheap Mission-style burrito joint; Pho Viet, an okay Vietnamese place.

        Some places I've heard good things about but haven't tried: Rani's, an Indian place that specializes in Hyderbadi cuisine; and Yasu, a Korean and Japanese restaurant with (I believe) grill tables for Korean BBQ.

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          Wound up taking a later flight than planned (for a free round trip ticket, cha-ching) so no breakfast. Went to Rami's for lunch, thanks for the tip it was great, will be going back. did not try the shwarma, had the houmos, will try the shwarma next time. Thanks again