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Apr 14, 2007 07:51 AM


Where can I purchase NATURAL CASING franks / hot dogs in Indy? I have looked in Marsh, Kroeger, and Miejer. No luck.

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  1. Try Claus Sausages at 315 South Street downtown, unil very recently it was called Klemms and it was amazing. Not sure about the new regime but definitely worth a try.

    1. I further understand that they are presently closed but reopening soon at 1845 Shelby

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        Many thanks. I shall check the new location.

        1. re: gargantua

          They're scheduled to open May 1. According to the Indy Star Claus Muth worked at Klemm's for years and he's part of the family - promises no changes except the location.

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            For Hounds unfamiliar with Klemm's/Claus, they make all of their sausages and smoked meats on premises, strictly old school German.

        2. Try Joe's Butcher Shop in Carmel on Main St. They have nothing but high quality meat most of which is local and/or all natural. Here is contact link:

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            Many thanks,

            I have been past the shop but never stopped in. I shall have a look this week.

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              I was in O'Malia's (Bloomington) last week and picked up a package of Boar's Head natural casing hot dogs. They are tasty and I especailly like that there is no sugar added to them. O'Malia's usually carries Usinger's too which are also quite tasty and if you can find some Thuman's grab them and a package for the frezer too.

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              I stopped into Joe's last night and they do have some nice things. Regarding hotdogs, they had Nathan's and another product purporting to by "Wagyu hot dogs"! Too funny.

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                Stopped by Joe's today. They had what I was looking for.

              2. Kincaide's meat market on Illinois and 56th street. In the Butler-Tarkington area, just before the canal if you are headed north.

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                  On QBDAVE's suggestion I picked up some Boars Head Knockwurst at Kincaids (natural casing) Excellent quality although I made the mistake of microwaving one, turned the casing into rubber.

                2. We have a cable access show planned called "weiner chat" since finding the most authentic hotdog is frequently a topic among all of our sisters and parents. . . the product with which we are most satisfied, and we have tried them all -- trust me -- are the Old Wisconsin natural casing hotdogs. The difficulty is in the procuring. The Safeway at 56th and Illinois has made many efforts to supply them, but they are seemingly on some seasonal schedule making them hard to come by in some months. Meier also carries the Old Wisconsin line and we have seen them there. You have to be careful that you don't go home with the cheese filled dogs. They are really delicious and I urge you to try to find them or request them from the Safeway (so that we are not the only family constantly making the request). Next I would go for the Klemms /claus frankfurter. Both of these sausages have that dry casing feel. I have been very disappointed with BoarsHead and all of the products from Trader jo's . No matter the date on the package, they all emerge slimy and overly garlicky. My next choice are the Emge knackwurst that they sell in the Marsh fresh meat case. They are pretty close to the Berliner wurst for currywurst, also very dry to the touch and lightly smokey.
                  Good luck and welcome to "weiner chat".