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Apr 14, 2007 07:37 AM

Red Hook Ball Fields 2007

hi all, i've received a few emails inquiring about when the season will be starting up this year.

spoke with the organizers, they have a tentative date. vendors are meeting this week to confirm.

i will post an announcement at The 'Chop as soon as it's settled, probably by this Tuesday at the latest...

–The Porkchop Express

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  1. Thanks for bringing us an update on this.

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    1. re: bolletje

      It's posted, it's official. The stands are back on April 28th!!!
      Thanks J. Slab!

      1. re: bklyngrl

        I think this is false -- given that Porkchop is an expert -- but someone at a party last night told me the ballfields opened his weekend. Can anyone confirm/deny?

        1. re: Jack Barber

          Went by on my bike on Saturday afternoon and there were no stands set up, despite the spectacular weather. Guess we'll have to wait until next week!

          1. re: oolah

            went there sunday, not too many stands, but there were some goat tacos and some fried thing with cheese or chicken. just enough to whet your appetite for when the real thing opens up.

            1. re: friseelardons

              we went this weekend, but they were at the baseball fields, and there were far fewer. had the most amazing pork tacos -- how i've missed them. don't know if this was a soft opening, or if they are moving to the baseball fields, or what, but i was happy to have found them. will check the soccer fields this weekend (the 28th).

    2. Oh my god, I'm so excited. I was hoping they'd be starting today, and driven purely on wishful thinking, was just going to head over there--but luckily thought to check with Chowhound first. Do you think it will be total madness there on the first day?

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      1. re: Puppimus

        "Do you think it will be total madness there on the first day?"

        No. That type of feeding frenzy is reserved for places like Shake Shack.

      2. Does anyone know if there are any chilean vendors the last time I was there I didnt see any?

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        1. re: Ljubitca

          ljibitca - Victor Rojas is from Chile. most of the food is Ecuadorian, tho he's been known to bust a move. had a delish stew he made there one time, said it was a chilean favorite. chock full of everything from pork to clams. more on the stand here:

          re: opening weekend, just got word of some late-breaking news... that did not sound good. not disastrous, but a mild letdown. details pending.... as soon as i get the official statement, i'll pass it on.....

          –The Porkchop Express

        2. Are these vendors only there on Saturday and Sunday? I'd love to check them out but unfortunately I work those days. Any chance they are open on Friday?

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          1. re: sabroso

            They're only there on weekends (since that's when the soccer games are), but if you check out the in-depth reviews on J. Slab's excellent site ( you'll discover that many of the vendors have restaurants elsewhere in Brooklyn. Not as convenient as the one-stop food extravaganza at the ballfields, but at least you can get a taste.

          2. posted this a few minutes ago, but it was "removed" by chowhound. anyways, 2nd try:

            just got word. the Official opening of the ball fields has been pushed back a week to May 5. if interested, full statement (from the vendors) is up at the 'Chop....

            –The Porkchop Express