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Apr 14, 2007 06:47 AM

Cookie Sheet/Baking Rack

I have seen quite often on different cooking shows a baking rack that fits inside a cookie sheet. It looks exactly like some cooling racks we have but are probably a heavier gauge metal. Our cooling racks are also too big to fit in the sheet. Anyone seen these for sale? I've looked around on line but have not seen them.

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  1. I got mine at Target. It's a heavy gauge metal that's coated. It fits inside a sheet pan (larger than a usual home cookie sheet). But I also have a smaller cooling rack -- I wanted a sturdier one for my dual duck roasting endeavor.

    1. I have cooling racks I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond. They fit inside a half sheet pan. As NYchowcook said, they are larger then cookie sheets. I like also half sheet pans because 11" x 16" silpat sheets fit right inside them as well.

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        I've looked in both those stores and haven't seen them, by the way we have half sheets too I just call the cookie sheets sorry. I'll give them another try. We are going to a great restaurant supply store next weekend I'll check them out. Thanks for the tips though.

        1. re: Eric in NJ

          BTW, would you mind mentioning what restaurant supply store you are going to? I've yet tot ake myself off to one and would love a tip about a good one. (I'm in central jersey.) Thanks! :-)

          1. re: flourgirl

            Sure, This place is great. They are open everyday but Sunday I believe.

            Rudys Restaurant & Bar Supplies
            804 Arnold Avenue
            Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742


            1. re: Eric in NJ

              Thank you so much! I'm definitely going to take a trip down there.

              1. re: flourgirl

                Enjoy just be sure to give yourself a lot of time. We usually walk around for an hour or more. It's a candy store for foodies.

                1. re: Eric in NJ

                  Yeah, now see, that's what I was worried about. Better bring DH to help me keep the spending in line. ;-)