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Apr 14, 2007 06:10 AM

Late-night cocktail/snack in Cambridge...

Going to be in Cambridge tonight (staying at the Marriott). If we need a later-in-the-night option for a drink and a snack, are there any good choices in the neighbourhood?

We will be dressed up and so prefer someplace semi-elegant/atmospheric and "adult" - we don't want to hang out with students.

Any ideas? Or should we just grab a cab and head to the bar at the Taj?

Any thoughts much appreciated...

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  1. There's not much in that neighborhood if you're looking for something on par with the Taj.

    The Blue Room isn't elegant but the food is good, it's in Kendall Square and you wouldn't run into students at the bar.

    Rialto in Harvard Square would fit the bill nicely. But you'd be hopping in a cab to get there... If you didn't want to head over the river and wanted to consider Harvard Square you'd have more options, Om and the Monday Club Bar at Upstairs on the Square would also be terrific.

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      I'd definitely do Monday Club Bar. Decorwise there's nothing like it. OM's lounge can skew a bit young--and since it's expensive they're all rich students, the worst kind.

      1. re: kittychow

        Brilliant, kittychow - thanks!

        The Harvard Square options look like exactly what I'm seeking. Wish we were staying longer and we could try one of these spots for dinner... we're at a rubber-chicken event tonight (sigh).

        1. re: Rabbit

          If you do go to the Monday Club Bar you may want to try to sit at the bar rather than a table. There is a wonderful cheese plate on the the upstairs dining room dessert menu. I've had good luck getting the bartenders to bend the rules and make it available for me.

      2. Lots of good ideas here already. Also consider:

        The bar at Harvest. Defiintely a grown-up place, good small plates and cocktails.

        Cafe Algiers. Can't avoid some academic types here, but this is a good atmospheric cafe with excellent Turkish coffee (that'll keep your night going), North African small plates, and pastries. The eclectic crowd won't mind if you're the most dressed up patrons there.

        Green Street. Another slightly casual, mixed crowd, but worth seeking out for superbly-made, serious old-school cocktails.

        Sandrine's. Its bar is a good place for authentic Alsatian fare (excellent tarte flambée, charcuterie, cheese plate) and fresh-tasting desserts, wine and beer only.

        Noir. A small, dark, upscale bar in the Charles Hotel, decent small plates and cocktails.

        I'd steer you away from the bar at Om. The upstairs restaurant is for grownups, the bar has the feel of a tacky nightclub, and is often overrun with students who haven't bothered to change out of sweat clothes. My bigger problem here is a conceptually ambitious cocktail menu (with interesting recipes, infusions, muddles and atomizations) that is marred by shoddy execution much of the time.