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Apr 14, 2007 03:18 AM

Special restaurant for couple who does not get out much these days.

My father-in-law is taking us out for our 5th Anniversary. Because we have a small child we don't get out much except for child friendly places and we don't know too much about the current restaurant scene. We are not the most sophisticated eaters but do like good food, some of our favorites are Union Square Cafe, Pete Lugers, Ill Mulino. We are not interested in any asian or asian fusion type places. Also, please include restaurants open on Sunday and Monday and reservation required ones are a must. Thanks so much. Looking forward to a great dinner.

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  1. Is there a budget limit? For kid-friendly restaurants, off my head I can think of:
    -Babbo - the best Italian you can find in Manhattan. Casual. You can tell the restaurant that you are bringing kids, and they will be happy to give you the "rigth seat. Reservation may be difficult though.
    -Lupa or Otta - though both can be quite noisy and services may be spotty sometimes. Food is absolutely delicious
    - Craftsteak - great steakhouse with a variety of dishes (seafood, appetizers, vegetables, sides, etc.) to please every plalette. I have seen quite a few family gatherings there.
    - Crispo - great italian food in an unpretentious space. can get noisy sometimes.

    1. How about that old stand-by Gotham Bar and Grill. I think that the food is always reliable, the sound level, in spite of the ceiling height, is manageable and as it is not the hottest place, shouldn't be a problem to get a Sunday or Monday reservation.

      1. You didn't mention a budget limit, so I'm going to recommend Babbo. It is Mario Batali's best restaurant and the food really is fantastic. They are definitely also very accommodating to small children. I have eaten there on a Sunday (best day to go IMO), and i'm pretty sure they are also open on Monday. It will not be a cheap meal though. I don't find the atmosphere to be overly stuffy either.
        For something maybe a bit more casual, try Batali's other restaurant, Lupa. It is definitely a bit more rushed and not as fantastic as Babbo, but it it still good.
        The only thing I will warn you of is that Babbo is difficult to get a reservation at. They start taking them one month in advance TO THE DAY that you want to go. If you are trying to plan this dinner at the last minute, you may have difficulties there, but if you have a few weeks, give it a try.

        1. I think you'd enjoy Gramercy Tavern. They're open Sun. and Mon. Hearty, delicious food, lovely setting. Unpretentious. Great service. I would be comfortable eating there with a child; in fact my neighbor has been there multiple times with her two and a half year old.