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Apr 14, 2007 02:34 AM

how to kill 6 hours in long beach

I need to drop off my daughter at queen mary tonight for a birthday party,and I need to pick her up 6 hours later. and I really don't fell like driving back to orange county and go back pick her up, so what can I do in long beach for 6 hours? where can I go to eat or hang out ? I really don't know the area, anybody can give me suggestion

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  1. 6 hours is a long time to kill.

    First off, things might be kind of crazy with traffic because of the Grand Prix this weekend. Pine Avenue is always popular on Saturday nights, but besides walking the streets and checking out the restaurants and bars there, there isn't much else to do down there. Acres of Books is nearby, but I'm not sure how late they are open. The new Pinkberry is on Broadway at Pine. There is an AMC movie theater on Pine, though. Not too far from Pine in Downtown is the East Village Arts District--some galleries and bookstores.

    Second Street in Belmont Shore is also a popular place--lots of restaurants, bars, there's a new bookstore there, and Fingerprints is my favorite record store. I really like Domenico's Italian--the ground pepperoni pizza sounds strange, but it's great. That's on Second, closer to Naples (further east). Just down the street from Domenico's is Aroma Di Roma, a nice gelato/espresso place.

    If you want to go to a coffee shop, the Library on Broadway and Portfolio's on 4th Street are both cool. Also on 4th, at Cherry, is the Art Theater.

    But since you're going to the QM, San Pedro really isn't all that far away if you don't mind the drive (10-20 minutes) and going over two bridges. Maybe you could hit both places.

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      I was down there yesterday. Its crazy.

      Stay on that side of the bridge. Unless you want to join the crowds on Pine or 2nd st.

      There is a lounge at the Queen Mary hotel, or you can go over to the West Coast Hotel.

      You should also call the QM before you go. Lots of streets are shut down, you may have to take a back route. Also see if there are any water taxi's running late for the race, it would be the only way to get around.

    2. Check out Little Cambodia or whatever they call it. It's along Anaheim St. starting at about the 700 E. block, going east for a half mile to a mile. Numerous Cambodian and Cambodia/Chinese restaurants. Might be a little rough after dark, though.

      1. Go to Joe Josts, Anaheim and Temple Sts. Great neighborhood bar since 1924.