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HK style milk tea

ok, this is kinda specific, i doubt i'll get much response, but i'll still try my luck.

where's the best tea style restaurant that serve the best HK style milk tea in the GTA? I tried pretty much all the places downtown (around chinatown) and they all taste horrible! Some in Markham are decent, but not mindblowing........... i'm becoming addicted to the milk tea..............................

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  1. are you talking about the strong hot Lipton tea with condensed milk served in hk-style cafes? not taiwanese style bbtea right?

    there's a dinner restuarant at First Markham Place called Firefly that serves really good hk-style milk tea (the kind sweetened with condensed milk), although it's a hk-style cafe, not a tea-style restuarant like Ten Ren's.

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      The tea at Firefly is not all that 'smooth' since they do not use enough 'milk'. You should try Ming's hk style cafe. It's on Kennedy north of McNicol, but south of steeles.

      If you are going north on Kennedy, it will be on your right hand side, in one of the strip plazas.

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        is that in the same plaza as the chiu chow boy?

        1. re: oohlala

          No, it is in the plaza a little further north of chiu chow boy.

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            I'll look for it when i go next time, thanx!

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              Finally got to try out the "milk tea" at Ming's. This thread plus a separate recommendation from a knowledgeable friend suggested that this place may have the best in the GTA. Well, it was quite good, but wondering if the CH community can suggest additional contenders.

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                After waiting for half a year, I finally stopped by Ming's and took a stab @ their milk tea. First sip almost resembles the vietnamese coffee (Cafe du Monde) I enjoy having. The hickory smoky flavour instantly reminded my experience in HK. It was GOOD! It's 11:30pm now and I'm still wired from the milk tea. Thank you, caitlink

    2. If you want the cold version, some Thai restaurants have a version very similar. I think they call it "cold sweet tea".

      1. I'm not a connaisseur, but I've heard of two places that have good reps:

        Richmond Court - two locations that I know of, one at Times Square and the other deep up in Markham
        Bakery near Dragon Center in Scarborough at Midland/Sheppard. In the HSBC plaza adjacent to Dragon Center, there is a small bakery that is known good HK style tea. They serve it unsweetened, unlike most places I've been to.

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          Most places should serve it unsweetened, and people are "obligated" to sweeten it themselves. However, I did used to enjoy the milk tea at New City by Hwy 7 and Kennedy... although I haven't been there recently since the renovation.

        2. It's not a restaurant, or a tea shop, but I did see "Hong Kong Milk Tea" advertised at the Furama in FCP this morning.

          Not sure if other Furama locations have it, or if it's good (I've never had it, so have nothing to compare it to).

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            downtown location? if it was the downtown one you're talking about, it's crap~ the girl mixed in more water??!! so it'll fill the entire cup~

            maybe i'll give it another shot if it's prepared by another person

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              Oohlala: Have you had a chance to try out Ming's yet....and have you found a good downtown location for milk tea?

              1. re: T Long

                Better "dai pai dong" places in Hong Kong making authentic HK-style milk tea use their own blend of black teas, definitely not Liptons. They over-extract the tea leaves using a filter bag shaped like a pantyhose-fishnet setup (thereby also colloquailly known as "pantyhose tea"). They use unsweetened condensed milk and you add in your sugar to taste.

                THe best ones are very tannic-ky but is rounded out by the condensed milk. The Cafe de Coral chain in HK makes a decent cup usually.

                In terms of finding a good cup here in Toronto, Richmond Court used to make a fairly decent one but I've found it really depends on the skill of the cashier pouring the tea as the proportion of milk to tea is crucial. It also depends on how long the tea has been sitting around percolating with the tea leaves.

                A good cup of HK milk tea is in a way a contradiction of good tea making principles, as you let the tea leaves sit in the hot water for an extended time and really over-extract the tea, making for a very strong dark drink.

                The majority of places in Toronto claiming to have "authentic" HK-style milk tea serves grossly diluted dish liquid which is pretty much undrinkable and disapointing each time.

                I think it also has to do with the water source, as I've never tasted one here that comes close to a generic cup from any Dai Pai Dong in HK.

                I haven't been to all of the above mentioned places, but look for that pantyhose-fishnet contraption with a cheap aluminum tea flask. If it ain't there, it ain't authentic.

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                  Actually, the name "pantyhose tea" comes from the fact that the filter is coloured like a pantyhose, due to staining by the tea. And some people actually think they use pantyhose for filtering!

                2. re: T Long

                  i still haven't had a chance to venture to Ming's yet. I've been trying out a lot of places around First Markham Place though, Dai-Pai dong, food court, regular HK-style restaurants, but yet to find one that truly stands up (as mentioned by doctorandchef). When my internal fobbiness springs out, I will stop by Pacific mall and swing by Ming's for some milk tea.

                  I always try to look for the cheap aluminum kettle with grandma's stocking inside. I've found a few places that still use that approach. Surprisingly, I found pretty decent milk tea at Metro square (Steeles and Warden) at two places. One was a HK-style tea restaurant (forget the name) and there's another stall that specializes in selling drinks INSIDE the mall. If my memory serves me right, both places use the kettle.

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                    At Metro Square? There's Ten Ren's/Assimea, and Taste of Taiwan used to be there but no longer. Ten Ren's usually has solid BBT, unlike other places (168, Destiny -- bleh! powdery, and once my friend found a feather in her Destiny drink) but haven't tried plain milk tea. The new-ish Ten Ren's at Hwy7/Leslie is pretty good -- you can actually taste the different teas, but the prices are a bit higher than other locations. I'm sure you've tried Go For Tea as well, which is pretty decent.

                    I know I've had some pretty decent HK-style milk tea (you mean "dong lai chai" right?) where you sweeten to taste with syrup provided in separate little metal urns, but it's so ubiquitous that I can't remember specific places as being particularly good.

                    Downtown I usually have it at HK Harbour Restaurant on Dundas (just east of Spadina). Can't recall it being really good, but it's not bad.

                    1. re: jinxed

                      i'm not talking about the taiwanese bbt. There's a HK-style tea restaurant facing steeles.

                      1. re: oohlala

                        The restaurant is called Metro Square Cafe or Metro Square Restaurant or similar. It has a red sign and is I believe the westernmost store on that south section of Metro Square, facing Steeles, as oohlala pointed out. I agree that their HK-style milk tea is pretty good. The food itself is pretty unexciting HK-style tea restaurant stuff and the place feels like it is out of a TVB set.

                        1. re: timc

                          I'm a T.O. hound currently in HKG. Can anyone tell me where to find the best version of this here at the source? There doesn't seem to be much info on the Asia board.

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                            Perhaps you missed it, but DoctorandChef mentions HK in his excellent post here.

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                              I checked on openrice.com which is like chowhound.com for HK only, mostly in Cantonese. Lan Fong Yuen has some good comments about their milk tea. They're at 4A-6 Gage Street in the Central district.

                              This is a comment of this resto in English

                              1. re: Teep

                                Thanks, I missed that post. I'll be off to check it out for lunch tomorrow.

              2. Haven't had any in years, but this thread makes me want a cup right now. Gonna try to find a good place in downtown Chinatown ASAP! ;)

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                  Postscript. I ended up hitting Lan Fong Yuen a few times in Sept for their "Famous Milky Tea". I usually had their "Signature Pork Chop Sandwich" and/or the "Chicken Steak with Prestige Onion Sauce". Like anywhere decent in HKG, avoid at lunch.

                2. Ming's is so so. 2 places I would recommend but I haven't try them for a while since I am not a big fan of HK milk tea, I know these place because my uncle are milk tea drinker and of course they are from HK. One is at the conner of Middlefield and McNicoll, the other one is at Midland & Sheppard, but not the bakery shop at Dragon Court.

                  1. In my opinion, the best Hong Kong style milk tea you'll get is the one you get in Hong Kong. Of course you can always prepare it yourself. It's also much cheaper as it'll cost you about 2 or 3 milk teas from a restaurant to make quite a dozen cups at home..The reason I suggest you prepare it yourself is because Hong Kong style milk tea is not what meets the eye. It can be a blend of anywhere from 5 to 15 types of quality black teas (Standard black tea, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Assam, Ceylon etc etc) with either fresh milk, evaporated milk or condensed milk, depending on the restaurant.

                    You can experiment with different types and amounts of black tea and milk sources, as well as whether or not to add sugar. The advantage of doing this is that you may actually achieve a taste that not only suits your palette, but surpasses all that you have tasted from stores! Although HK style milk tea has a variety of recipes, the staples to include are English Breakfast Black tea (brewed for at least 5 minutes) and evaporated milk (although some cooks argue that to achieve the creamy taste, real milk must be used!).

                    To mimic the effect of the 'silk sock' which supposedly smooths the tea, you can buy a cotton fabric sieve (looks like a silk sock hanging on a curved wire) and simply pour the tea (after brewing) through the sieve, several times (so have two cups ready!). Then, steamed or cold milk may be added. The amount should be approximately 2/3 tea and 1/3 milk (do not fall into the trap of using too much milk as you will result in Taiwanese style milk tea).

                    Personally, I use 1 teabag of English Breakfast and 1 teabag of Lipton Black Tea (usually Yellow Label or just normal) in 1/3 a cup of boiling water, 2 teaspoons of raw sugar and then 1/3 milk and 1/3 ice. I'm living here Sydney, Australia where the temperature is usually warm and hot drinks are rare, so I modified the hot recipe to suit our climate. Anyway, good luck with your milk tea addiction.

                    1. Best milk tea place, better than Ming's and closest, if NOT on par with HK milk tea is AT:

                      Steeles & Kennedy. This place is south of kennedy and it's the next plaza south of Ming where chiu chow boy is.

                      The place is called: Tsui Wah's.

                      Their hot milk tea is the best, cold milk tea DOES have ice, but it's still a lot better than anything in the GTA. AND the lemon tea is BY FARRR the best in the GTA.

                      Next runner up in my opinion is Pheonix Restaurant(woodbine & steeles near Frankie Tomataoes). ALTHOUGH, I warn you, if you go in and you see an old man making it, don't bother ordering. For some reason he is just no good at brewing it. It comes out water down, rough on the tough and leaves a bitter after taste.......the balance is all off.

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                        Good choices buddy. Tsui Wah and Pheonix does have really good milk tea.

                        Another restaurant I enjoy milk tea is at Kennedy and Hwy7. It's in the plaza called Happy Restaurant.

                      2. Here's a true chowfind for you, Ho's Garden in the 16th and Woodbine plaza, right next to All Star Wings. Their tea is really, really good, as good as I've had in HK. In fact, I drop by just to get it for takeout.

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                        1. re: Wil

                          That's pretty close to my work, great to know!

                          Ho's Garden, do they also offer takeout for Hos?

                          1. re: oohlala

                            Ya they do takeout at Hos. The food is nothing spectacular, just your regular HK style western food. Not bad, not great, just good enough to get when you don't want to go far and want some "gong sic" food.

                            1. re: Wil

                              So I stopped @ Ho's today and tried the milk tea, imo, Ming's still wins the battle. The tea was not cooked long enough, thus lacking the "burnt" taste.

                          2. re: Wil

                            i'm going to give this place a try

                            does anyone know where to buy the sock/pantyhose if I wanted to try making my own tea? or is that something you have to build yourself. if it is, what material would you use? the stuff to make soybean milk?

                            1. re: fishing

                              I use a IngenuiTEA teapot from Adagio, I think the mesh filter/infuser seems like it might be some sort of strong silk like material.

                              Is there a source for Lipton Yellow Label (from Hong Kong) in Toronto and surrounding suburbs? I return for visits quite often.

                              I have a bag of the Lipton Yellow Label loose leaf tea that I got in Hong Kong, but I am running out. I checked out my local Chinese and Indian (in the SF bay area) stores, no luck (the Lipton Yellow label tea from India was a different mix of tea). The English Breakfast tea that Republic of Tea packages for Crate and Barrel was very similar...but the Lipton Yellow Label I got from Hong Kong was much closer for re-creating at home. I would ask my HK relatives to send me some..except they already think I am crazy... asking them to mail me plain old cheap Lipton tea would just confirm their suspicions.

                              1. re: gnomatic

                                i just bought a bag of international blend Yellow Label from T&T the other day. it has chinese writing on the bag, so I'm assuming this is what they sell in HK. it's loose leaf too. $11.99 for a pretty big bag.

                                1. re: fishing

                                  T&T is the one over Cherry St? Great! Have to get some the next time I am in T.O.

                              2. re: fishing

                                According to something I read, it is not really pantyhose, but a cloth/nylon filter that's been stained by the tea to the color of pantyhose, so just by looking at it you might think it is.

                                1. re: fishing

                                  I believe the Chan Chee Kee knife store in Pacific Mall used to carry that pantyhose contraption, along with the signature cheap aluminum teapot.

                                  Scientifically speaking, the legend of pouring the tea through layers of cloth to make it "smoother" makes very little sense to me, unless the cotton somehow absorbs the harsh compounds in the tea that make it not "smooth". Having said that, wouldn't an old cloth be saturated by the 4th or 5th use? And unless there are macroscopic compounds which contribute to the "harshness", I doubt the cloth actually filters out anything other than the tea leaves.

                                  I propose the taste and texture depends on:

                                  1) The water: HK water must have a totally different mineral composition than foreign water
                                  2) Tea leaves: a no brainer there. Any proud restaurant would guard their mixture with great secrecy, but probably a mixture of the aforementioned teas. I don't think there is a "best" mixture, much like wine.
                                  3) Temperature of water: depends how high the brewer jacks up the heating element, that would determine how much tannins and other taste compounds extracted..
                                  4) Time of extraction: another no brainer. Don't know what "optimal" is.
                                  5) Type of dairy used: No question that evaporated milk is part of the unique texture. But also the fat and protein content. I'm sure the cheap condensed milk from China is different from generic Carnation milk. Don't know which is "better" but my taste memories were developed on cheap chinese condensed milk.
                                  6) Milk to tea ratio: for both color and taste
                                  7) Sugar: personal taste.
                                  8) Cup you drink it in: huge difference in perception in smell and taste if you use a paper cup versus a fine china cup versus a cheap thick porcelain Dai Pai Dong style teacup (my favourite, especially if the decorations are slightly faded and the saucer is chipped). Much like a proper wine glass affects the optimal enjoyment of wine, the cup matters.
                                  9) Where and when you're drinking it: think it helps if you're squatting outdoors in an authentic HK dai pai dong streetside or a 50 year old Cha Chan Teng versus a food court. And are you having a thick slice of butter toast or pineapple bun with it? Again, so much like wine and food.

                                  So what is the "best" in Toronto? I think it's like saying what is the "best" wine in the world. Chacun a son gout.

                                  Can discount most places in Chinatown, I haven't tried all the aforementioned places in Markham.

                                  My gold standard is probably an old authentic Cha Chan Teng in Mong Kok where I grew up. Nice thick faded cups (with chipped saucers of course), good quality tea with cheap condensed chinese milk, brewed from Hong Kong water in an old aluminum pot with the "see mut" insert, 3 spoons of sugar, with a pineapple bun to go with it. Forgot the name of it of course. But imagine a air conditioned place with ceiling fans, bluish grey walls, flourescent lights, old chipped tiles, old men reading newspapers with their teas, and a 60 year old woman sitting at the cash up front with the metal change tray. With the blazing summer heat outside....good memories.

                                  1. re: doctorandchef

                                    No mentioning of cold vs hot ?! I prefer cold milk tea in summer (especially popular if you are talking about HK as it is like hot all the time). Is your above standard the same for a nice glass of cold milk tea ?

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                                      good point. i always imagined "real" milk tea to be hot, but in the summer a nice refreshing glass of cold milk tea is good also.

                                      Sense of taste decreases significantly with temperature, plus the perception of "smoothness" is also numbed, not to mention the sensation of sweetness.

                                      If I'm in a Cha Chan Teng and wanted a cold drink, I'll usually order a Cold Lemon Tea and obsessively compulsively stab the lemon slices like no tomorrow :)

                                      I think the key determinants of taste in cold milk tea are:

                                      1) the milk to tea ratio
                                      2) amount of syrup you're daring enough to pour in
                                      3) strength of the brew.
                                      4) How fast you drink it, as the ice quickly dilutes the drink.

                                      To that end I find the bottled milk tea drinks would suffice, but usually they're slightly too sweet.

                                      I had a cold milk tea at Red Ant restaurant at Leslie and 16th (Fu Sik plaza) they serve it in a giant bowl of crushed ice which was pretty cool (pardon the pun), no ice cubes inside the drink to dilute. Tasted pretty good, although I did order a cold lemon tea to play with the lemon slices afterwards.

                                      1. re: doctorandchef

                                        First time I hear people saying "real" milk tea to be hot milk tea. For me both are milk tea. I always like cold milk tea especially when it was always 30+ degree with humidity (not here though but in HK). Have you tried Phoenix's version of milk tea (cold and hot) ?

                                        1. re: skylineR33

                                          i guess it's 'real' cause the hot version came out first =P

                                          I tried Phoenix's hot milk tea and it was good. It's one of my favourites (tsui wah, happy restaurant (hwy7&kennedy), and ming's are the others).

                                          1. re: b2lu

                                            Phoenix is famous for its' cold milk tea ...

                                    2. re: doctorandchef

                                      Speaking of thick cups -- I like Mei Chuen at McNicoll and Middlefield.

                                2. Phoenix of Markham has the best cold HK milk tea, from what I have tried.

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                                  1. re: skylineR33

                                    i just googled "phoenix restaurant markham" and 2 locations popped up. Are you talking about the one on woodbine or the one on McCowan?

                                    1. re: oohlala

                                      Both are good, the McCowan one is the original and the Woodbine one is its branch. There is also one Phoenix in Hong Kong, very famous, serving similar style HK milk tea in which they do not use ice.

                                      1. re: oohlala

                                        phoenix restaurant has the best milk tea in the GTA, no doubt. unless u find it too milky.
                                        ming's is overrated( and the food isnt amazing)
                                        tsui wash is a different sort of taste, it is good buy not amazing
                                        try some bakeries that sell it, you might be surprised.

                                      2. re: skylineR33

                                        Looking at Phoenix Restaurant's take-out menu, I see their HK-style Cold Milk Tea, has no ice. Do you know, how do they cool their Milk Tea?

                                        1. re: BLM

                                          They have a big fridge to keep all the mik tea cold. Same idea as the famous Phoenix in HK.

                                          But don't get take-out, they still put ice-cube there...which is not good.

                                          1. re: skylineR33

                                            Why would their take-out menu, list their HK-style Cold Milk Tea as 'no ice?'

                                            1. re: BLM

                                              That's true, but is long time ago. Before, I order take-out and there is no ice-cube. But for this year or so, they put ice-cube in the take-out, and the quality of the take-out is not as good as before ...

                                      3. I actually enjoyed the milk tea at Hong Kong noodle (hwy 7 and kennedy). It could have been a little stronger but it was better then most of the places I have tried lately.

                                        1. Anyone tried the HK style milk tea at "Old Lee Beef Noodles" at Midland and Sheppard? Or the one from Boston Steak House a little further away?

                                          My colleague is quite fond of them at both places. Personally, I prefer the one at Old Lee, though they put a TON of ice in the cold one and I find the one from Boston a little too sweet (I usually ask them to half-sweeten it)

                                          1. Admittedly, I'm no expert when it comes to HK milk tea and have only tried it at 2 different places in downtown Toronto.

                                            1) Hong Kong Bistro Cafe on Dundas Street West just east of Spadina. It was just a meh and thought it wasn't that good.

                                            2) The place I just had a cup a few minutes ago was in fact very, very good. It is located in East Chinatown on Gerrard Street East just east of Broadview.

                                            Top Bakery House
                                            635 Gerrard Street East
                                            (416) 462-2876

                                            Finally a good place for Hong Kong milk tea sort of in my neighborhood since I live in downtown Toronto and don't drive. You don't have to travel out to Markham to have a good cup in one of those trendy Hong Kong style cafes. This little bakery is just as good as any dai pai dong milk tea I remember having many years ago when I was a child. ;)

                                            The price is right too. :)

                                            $1.00 for a medium cup

                                            $1.25 for a large cup


                                            Hong Kong milk tea connoisseurs, please drop by this bakery and let me know what you think. As I mentioned I'm no expert, but thought the tea was very good. I was probably won over because the tea was served extremely hot in temperature and it was full-bodied and quite thick and rich in its creamy colour. It was in fact delicious in my humblest opinion.

                                            1. I searched this thread hoping to find a place DT, since I work really close to Chinatown.

                                              But in case people don't already know. Marathon Donuts at Midland and Sheppard has really rich and creamy milk tea! They were featured several times, and apparently the owner has won 3rd place several years in a row at a milk tea brewing contest in HK.

                                              If anyone has any suggestions for places DT, please shout!

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                                                Most bakeries in Chinatown serve it, if you're just getting takeout rather than sitting down. House of Gourmet does it and its quite decent.

                                                1. re: treetrooper

                                                  Also, in the PATH -- Furama in First Canadian Place.

                                                  1. re: treetrooper

                                                    The owner at Marathon Donuts at Midland and Sheppard has won the top prize this year for best milk tea; crowned “Milk Tea King” at the annual International Milk Tea Competition held in Hong Kong.
                                                    I have yet to be able to make the trek over there to try it out but now it's a must-try!

                                                    1. re: bamboostar

                                                      We have tried Marathon in the past month. Went on a Sat night around 7pm. They were out of cold milk tea so we tried the hot version. Strong but we liked it a lot.
                                                      Went back on a Sunday night after 8 but store was closed.
                                                      We think Marathon and Mings have the best versions. Remember to ask for extra evaporated milk.

                                                      1. re: bamboostar

                                                        Note, he's not serving the actual winning tea (as far as I know).
                                                        Unless he changed his mind - I'd totally go over and try that!!

                                                        1. re: jlunar

                                                          That's right, I was a tad disappointed to learn about that. However I am entertaining the idea that if enough of us drop by to let him know of our support of his authentic version, he might change his mind!

                                                        2. re: bamboostar

                                                          I came into this thread hoping to learn more about this recent news. I haven't been there yet but plan to as soon as I can find time for it!

                                                          By the way, does anyone know if Marathon Donuts serve a weaker version of the authentic blend of his HK style milk tea, or if it is an entirely different brand?

                                                          1. re: vil

                                                            I've tried it twice now and still don't see what the fuss is all about. The milk tea is fine, but to consider it the best in Toronto is like a beauty contest I guess....to each his own. For me, I've identified at least 2 other places with equal or better milk tea. I've surveyed my acquaintances who rate Marathon very highly to just OK. Regarding Marathon's statement that their HK winning formula is not being served here because they think it's too strong for Canadian palates...well that's just a silly response. If it's good enough and even the best in HK, surely it's good enough for Toronto with it's legend of expatriates. So the reason for using a "weaker" formulation in Toronto lies elsewhere imo.

                                                            1. re: T Long

                                                              Cost/time likely? Not sure. Though I'm surprised they didn't do a special tasting or ticketed tasting of it. There's so much interest in food that they'd make some good coin over it.

                                                              1. re: T Long

                                                                I spoke with the staff there regarding that statement, and they said that what they serve there is the winning receipt.

                                                                I agree that the tea isn't anything special.

                                                                1. re: T Long

                                                                  Tried Marathon twice in last 2 weeks. Noon and 3:30pm. Tasted completely different. Not impressed.

                                                          2. Silver Fountain in the Food Court of 8 Glen Walford Drive (Sheppare/Midland) makes a pretty good Milk Tea.

                                                            1. I am HK Milk Tea obsessed too. When I was in HK over the holidays I had it every day to get my fix. I have to say the Milk Tea I've had in Toronto is at Cha Time http://www.ichatime.com/. Let me know what you think :)

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                                                              1. re: mrsyumyum

                                                                If you are into cold HK milk tea, Fruit Jungle makes a good one too with tapioca pearls.

                                                              2. Anyone tried the Aberdeen at 3250 Midland Ave? They have a banner in the storefront claiming to be the champ of 2013 Milk tea NA competition.

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                                                                1. re: smfan

                                                                  Aberdeen version - So-so!!
                                                                  Another supposedly award winner at Finch and Midland also a disappointment.
                                                                  Both outfits, though make silky smoothy tea, lacked ' good strong tea flavour '.
                                                                  Surprisingly, I actually prefer 'Richmond Court, Time Square' version!!
                                                                  To each his own?!

                                                                2. The now defunct Kim Moon Bakery had a good milk tea. Went to Marathon in Scarborough last week and had a milk tea with their all day breakfast. It was alright. Smooth but nothing mind-blowing. Liked the breakfast deals though.