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Apr 13, 2007 10:40 PM

Wine with glazed ham?

HI everyone,
I'm doing a spring dinner with pea soup and maybe sunchokes and a salad and I'm looking forward to serving some crisp whies. I want to serve a glazed ham though and I'm not sure what to pair with it. Should I stick with white or is there a red that I could serve so I can mix it up again? Thanks in advance for your help. Looking to spend $20 or less per bottle for this dinner. Jeremy

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  1. If you want to stick with whites, go for a not-bone-dry Riesling (Germans especially) or, if the ham is studded with cloves, Gewurztraminer. Ros├ęs can also hold their own. Reds are trickier; look for fruit, low tannins and high acidity (Gamay Noir, for example).

    1. For whites, go for a Gewurtztraminer or a nice Sauvignon Blanc or even better a good Fino Sherry, but if you want a red, I'd suggest something light, a Beaujolis, Pinot Noir from Oregon (CA PNs would be too much) or a Rioja.

      1. Riesling is your best bet.

        To optimize things, serve a cheese platter also with some appropriate cheeses: Colby, Gouda, and especially Emmental are delicious with riesling.

        1. Riesling. But, I prefer the ones from Alsace.

          1. Be careful on all these Riesling recommendations -- if you get a sweet one (an Auslese versus a Spatslese), you are going to be fighting sweet with sweet.

            Consider a Gruner Veltliner which will give you the depth and character that will stand up to the dishes you mentioned.

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              Just because a wine says that it is auslese or spatslese, doesn't mean that it will be sweeter. There are dry spatsleses and sweet kabinets. It's better to ask than to just guess.