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Wine with glazed ham?

HI everyone,
I'm doing a spring dinner with pea soup and maybe sunchokes and a salad and I'm looking forward to serving some crisp whies. I want to serve a glazed ham though and I'm not sure what to pair with it. Should I stick with white or is there a red that I could serve so I can mix it up again? Thanks in advance for your help. Looking to spend $20 or less per bottle for this dinner. Jeremy

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  1. If you want to stick with whites, go for a not-bone-dry Riesling (Germans especially) or, if the ham is studded with cloves, Gewurztraminer. Rosés can also hold their own. Reds are trickier; look for fruit, low tannins and high acidity (Gamay Noir, for example).

    1. For whites, go for a Gewurtztraminer or a nice Sauvignon Blanc or even better a good Fino Sherry, but if you want a red, I'd suggest something light, a Beaujolis, Pinot Noir from Oregon (CA PNs would be too much) or a Rioja.

      1. Riesling is your best bet.

        To optimize things, serve a cheese platter also with some appropriate cheeses: Colby, Gouda, and especially Emmental are delicious with riesling.

        1. Riesling. But, I prefer the ones from Alsace.

          1. Be careful on all these Riesling recommendations -- if you get a sweet one (an Auslese versus a Spatslese), you are going to be fighting sweet with sweet.

            Consider a Gruner Veltliner which will give you the depth and character that will stand up to the dishes you mentioned.

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              Just because a wine says that it is auslese or spatslese, doesn't mean that it will be sweeter. There are dry spatsleses and sweet kabinets. It's better to ask than to just guess.

            2. with the ham, how about Champagne - rose or blanc de noir. this might be off the mark as glazed ham doesn't show up on my table. heck, how about a nice belgian ale?

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                  Thanks everyone. We ended up doing an Pinot Blanc. It was good. Not amazing or anything but very good. I also had chilled a Muscat Blanc from Navarro (delicious if you haven't tried it) to serve with cheese. I had a glass with the ham and it was sweet but wonderful.

                  Thanks again for your help.
                  p.s. Champagne is a great idea with Ham!

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                    I'd be shocked if you didn't like a wine from Navarro; give their pinot and gewurz a try sometime. very fairly priced as well

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                      I just bought a bottle of their 2004 Zin. Have you tried it? I've heard good things. Nice to meet another Navarro fan. : ) We love everything of theirs we've tasted thus far.

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                        must confess that I did not know that they "do" a zin; I have never been disappointed with any of their wines

                2. Depending on the amount of carmalization, that the glaze receives, I find that many CA (and WA/OR) Pinot Noirs have undertones of carmalized sugars, especially Santa Rita Foothills, and Columbia R. Also, some Syrahs offer this aspect, such as a nice Côte-Rôtie. Now, if the glaze is not toasted onto the ham, ignore my suggestions and go lighter, maybe a BJ, or white.

                  It might be difficult to get these <US$20, but a few $'s shouldn't be a deal breaker.

                  [EDIT] Oops, I scrolled down, and see that I missed the boat. Glad the PB worked out for you.