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Apr 13, 2007 10:08 PM

South of Siena:lunch

Hi! I am looking for a restaurant with a view in the south of Siena(towards Asciano) in the Crete Senesi. View & location is the most important.


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  1. We've had lunch several times at La Tavernetta in Lucignano. It has a lovely garden with a very Tuscan view (hill-ish, trees, grapevines, red-roofed houses, etc.). The food is good, and the owners are nice people. Here's their website:

    They are located between Sinalunga and Monte San Savino.

    Whoops! Sorry--That's north of Siena.

    1. There is a restaurant in the (moated) castle associated with the Monte Oliveto Maggiore monastery (with the stunning Signorelli and sodoma frescos) which was solid when we were there 20 yrs ago. Outdoor seating and the monastery is right in the middle of the crete. It mindboggling to see those grey hills and realize that they exist outside the Sienese school of painters.

      Id check slowfood - I think some reccs have been added in some of the little towns in that area in recent years but I dont remember those towns that we visited (Asciano, etc) offering a superb view of the scenery.

      1. Its not ein the Crete Sinese, but Bosco dela Spins in in the tiny hamlet of Lupompesi. The restaurant looks out over the countryside. Great food. Not far from Buonconvento.

        Bocondivinio has ok food and a great iew right outside of Montalcino.