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Apr 13, 2007 09:50 PM

Sunday breakfast/brunch in Sac

Friends are coming through town on Sunday and would like to meet me sometime around noon for lunch or brunch. They are driving from Truckee to SF and don't know Sacramento, so I'd like to find some place that isn't far off highway 80, the 29-30, the W-X, or I-5 (Old Sac, maybe?) Even West Sac will do. Since they cannot predict exactly when they will arrive, I can't make reservations. I'm looking for a place for brunch or lunch that is easy to find and easy to get in without a reservation.

I have some ideas, but I'd love to hear what other folks would do if you had my dilemma.

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  1. Tower Cafe on Broadway serves brunch until 2 pm. Their French toast is delicious!

    1. I second Margot's rec-not only is it easy to find, but they don't take reservations and their food is fabulous. Their french toast is also my fave.

      1. Get off at the first exit in Sacramento. Wind around to Broadway. Go south on 5th street. Make the second right into the warehouse stockyards. I know it doesn't look promising, but drive halfway back and park in front of The Market Club, a lunch counter catering mostly to Japanese-American produce farmers, cops, bikers and Sacramento chowhounds.

        Open 7-1 M-F, 7-11:45 Sundays, closed Saturday. Cash only. Amazing and enormous meals, not especially healthy but damn good. You won't need reservations.

        If they get in after 11:30 or so, just go down the street to Margot's recommendation, Tower Cafe, which does indeed have great French toast.

        1. I know it is too late for the original poster I have to add the The Hyatt in downtown..We went last weekend without reservations and we were seated right away. Great food. The usual stuff, omlette station a great pasta station and a carving station with prime rib. Not the usual thin slice, but a thick cut.

          They had some great salads, cheeses and artfully prepared recipies. Shrimp and oysters and otehr fishes (no crab)..
          Very elegant too..