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Apr 13, 2007 09:25 PM

The Peasant and the Pear - Danville

Will be in Danville next week and The Peasant and the Pear was one suggestion I was given for lunch. Any suggestions on what to order, or if we should even go there? Any other suggestions in the Danville area? Open to any type of food, price is virtually no object. Thanks for any help.

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  1. We live in Danville and eat at Peasant and the Pear at least once per week for lunch. My husband's definite favorite is the pulled pork sandwich. They also have a great nicoise salad and house-made pizzas (try the one wiht pear and carmelized onions).

    Be sure to make a reservations, as I have been there at lunch times and been turned away because they were full.


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      Thanks for the suggestions. Sounds great. Will make reservations right away. Glad you mentioned that.

    2. I just had lunch there this week. My guest and I both had the special seafood salad. It came with lots of shrimp and bay scallops and 4 nice sized prawns. We both thought it was dressed too light, but I like 1000 island and they brought more to the table.

      I am trying to lose weight otherwise I would have ordered the cheese steak sandwich. Would love to know if anyone has had that there. Or any other menu recommendations.

      The service was very good. It warrants a return visit.