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Apr 13, 2007 09:16 PM

Serrano Ham Eastside

Had a great bocadillo at Rhody cafe in Bow/Edison up north last week made with serrano ham, manchego and a romesco sauce. Now looking for serrano ham locally. Any ideas for a shop on the Eastside? I see that Porcella in Bellevue lists their house made at $21.95 a pound.


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    1. re: ccqueen

      zip on whole foods. Only had prosciutto available. I would also rather patronize a privateer than them

    2. I don't have other Eastside recommendations, but it sounds like the Porcella price is pretty good. I was at De Laurenti's in Seattle yesterday and their serrano was priced at 24.95 a pound. I'm not sure of the source, however, I imagine it was imported.