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Apr 13, 2007 08:20 PM

HELP! Lunch recs needed near Wilshire & Westwood Blvd

I'm working for a few days at Wilshire Blvd and Westwood Ave. ANY CHOWHOUND-ish RECOMMENDATIONS FOR LUNCH?? Not too expensive.

I had some REALLY AWFUL PIZZA nearby today. Depressing.

Anyplace with great salads, sandwiches, ethnic food, etc., without breaking the bank.

A great Mexican taco truck would be welcome, but I didn't see any around there today.


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  1. South of Wilshire on Westwood you have a lot of Persian restaurants. I like a place called Shamshiri. The lunch combos are under $10 including soup, salad, rice, and a stew dish. They also have kebobs. It looks like a more expensive place. I couldn't believe it the first time I went.

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      1. re: Liquid Sky

        Looks like I hit a nerve with Shamshiri. Curious to know if you checked it out!

      2. re: markethej

        i second the shamshiri grill recommendation.
        in my mind it's the best lunch available in the area.
        1712 westwood blvd (south of wilshire, north of santa monica blvd)
        los angeles 90024

      3. I would recommend Damon & Pythias on Broxton (near CPK) for great salads and an excellent steak sandwich (less than $10), Lamonica's on Gayle (near Whole Foods) for good, cheap pizza ($5 for a couple slices), Whole Foods for that matter (this location has a lot of prepared foods including made to order burgers, sandwiches, burritos and good pizza), and California Chicken Cafe on Westwood south of Santa Monica (try the chinese chicken wrap).

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          I had lunch this week at the Fresh Corn Grill on Westwood Blvd across the street from Bristol Farms. The salmon was excellent, salads sandwiches and pizzas too! Very fresh and good. It's hidden next to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

          1. re: compucook

            Another vote for Fresh Corn Grill, which is a great lunch place. If you don't like corn, don't worry - it really doesn't show up that often on the menu. Their fish is very good, as is their soup - but skip the brownies - I had one once and it was dry and crumbly. Nearby is also a California Chicken Cafe.

        2. Another kudo here for Shamshiri, which has amazingly generous lunch specials under $10. I like the chicken shawarma, served with grilled vegies, hummus, a salad (get the shirazi), fresh flatbread, and a mountain of rice. The beef koobideh is also good. If walking, though, it is a bit of a haul -- almost all the way to Santa Monica Blvd. Sunnin across the street is a little counter with a few tables, but good falafel and kebobs. Sheherzad is up closer to Wilshire, but in my experience not quite as good.

          In Westwood Village itself, my favorite is Thai House, across the street from Whole Foods on Gayley. Surprisingly nice decor and attentive service, and lunch combos including soup for under $10. And don't forget Diddy Riesse for an ice cream cookie sandwich for dessert.

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          1. Mary and Robb's is a wonderful coffe shop and everything is really fresh. Good salads and turkey sandwichs. Also good breakfasts. Just N of Bristol Farms on same side of street. Good hamburger at Gardens on Glendon-eat in bar.
            Cheap is Sandbags on Westwood just north of Wilshire.

            1. Whenever I think of Westwood, from WAY back in the day, I think of Sak's Teriyaki. It probably is not that great, it just brings back happy memories. I really liked the sauce. Does anyone know if it is even still there?

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              1. re: running pig

                yep, still there and still serving up cheap plates of spicy fried chicken.

                sak's was my staple meal back in the good ole ucla days.

                1. re: running pig

                  I used to work in Westwood and always loved Sak's. The grilled chicken & onions on skewers are always done just right and the sauce is delicious. Even the rice is very good.

                  Plus, I love the little warren of rooms and outdoor patios on various levels.

                    1. re: Liquid Sky

                      1121 Glendon Ave 310-208-2002

                      It's in a funny location where you have to walk down a corridor off Glendon to where you order. But the unique setting is a big part of it's charm IMO.

                      And it's very reasonable... Most lunches are $5-8.

                      1. re: okie

                        Okay... Sak's sounds pretty cool. Thanks!

                        (Waiting for someone to reveal if there is really a taco truck in the area, but I don't think that will happen!)