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Apr 13, 2007 07:55 PM

Looking for a fun place to go away w/the girls!

Hi everyone!!!

Every summer my girlfriends an I go away for a night (or 2) for our birthdays. All of our birthdays are in the month of July! Which is great! Our ages range from 28-40. Most of us are single, or single moms and we try our BEST to go a little crazy for the night. By no means are we looking to tear up the town and get arrested....but a night with an abundance of cocktails, food, maybe beach.....and an occasion flirt with the opposite sex! Does anyone know of a fun place to go, with a decent nightlife. None of us are really "club" girls.... but nice pubs and live music work for us!! For an idea.... in the past years we have gone to Newport, RI / The Vineyard / Lake Sebago (nothing going on there.... but good booze..lazy weekend!) / Cape Cod.... etc. Someone mentioned P-Town to us.... but unfortunatly I don't think it's what we are looking for. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!!! If anyone wants to email me directly they can at

Thanks in advance!!


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  1. Portand, Me is a great area and lots of great restaurant ideas (just search on this). Also, Portsmouth NH is a fun place (although no beach). What about hampton beach or salsbury, although haven't been in a while. Summertime in lakes Region is fun, lots going on on Lake Winnipausaukee but not ocean. Weirs Beach is where most of the action is.

    1. Block Island is fun, lots of bars with music, though the dining options are limited. Also, lexpatti's suggestion about Lake Winnipesaukee is good--the Inns at Mill Falls in Meredith might be an idea--there is a wonderful spa, and last winter there was a group of ladies drinking champagne in the outdoor jacuzzi having a grand old time.

      1. I always have fun in Newburyport, MA Lot's to see and a great town to walk around And you won't find a better beach than Plum Island right next door!

        And Glenn's downtown has wonderful food and ambience They do have a bar but it is not the usual "club" scene.

        1. I agree with the Portland, ME suggestion. Lots of places for good food and drink right in the Old Port area, which is busy in the summer, but a very nice part of town. Live music in small club/bars, too. You can also, from Commercial St. in the Old Port, take a ferry to one of the Islands for beach and lovely scenery (restaurants/inns on some islands, too) or with a car, you can head out to Cape Elizabeth or Scarborough, about 15-20 minute drive over the casco bay bridge, for GREAT beaches (Higgins is my favorite). For the kind of night you seem to be seeking, staying in the Old Port and doing everything on foot might be the way to go--you won't be drinking and driving that way. Lots of good restaurant choices. What kind of food interests you?

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            North Conway,NH has some good offerings. Horsefeathers, Red Parka, lots on Rt 16

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              Misquamicut beach in Westerly RI is alot of fun...Pleasant View or the Andrea are both right on the beach and have lounges and entertainment as well as food. Maria's for good food and nice atmosphere, Paddys is a touristy, expensive, but very fun party place.

          2. Was going to suggest Newport, but you have done that alreay.

            Portland, Porstmouth/Kittery/Ogunquit can all be fun good shopping, and stay drink eat and walk without driving for the most part. Even Freeport, but not sure about nightliffe there.

            Block Island too.

            Providence can also be a great place to get away, and depending what's happening at when you plan on going could be fun.