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Apr 13, 2007 07:55 PM

Uncle Frank's - Disappointed

Iv'e followed the Uncle Frank's discussion for a while and finally made it this week. I've spent a lot of time in Texas and Memphis so I was hopeful. I also have 2 smokers at home and I am fairly good at doing ribs, links, and brisket.

I ordered the three meat combo trying to get a feeling for how all the meats were done.

The brisket was 5 slices of meat. Two were nicely done, stringy and tender and well done. Three were firm, touugh, and not worth eating. Overall C+.

The hot links were consistent. Spicy but not well tasting. I can not really described it but they were over smoked and almost acrid. Will not try them again. D-.

The ribs were the best thing. They were all tender and well smoked. Overall B.

Sides were eans and potato salad.

Beans were over smoked . Almost acrid in taste C-

Potato salad was mediocre. Nothing to distnqish it. c- to D+.

Bottom line is that Uncle Frank's is at best a C+.

I will continue to spend 8-12 hours at home to get good bbq.

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  1. I agree, Uncle Frank's was really much better at the EPA location but since the move it has gone down hill. Since we too have a two smokers we will doing our own as soon as the weather warms up a little more.

    But when they first opened the collard greens were great.

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    1. re: yimster

      Like most bbq places consistency can be an issue here. I've been twice, the second time was a lot better. The sides are rather forgettable from my experience but when the brisket is on it's really good (I love brisket, Memphis Minnies being the benchmark for me in the Bay). I agree the links are nothing special, wish they were. Might be worth another try

      1. re: virtualguthrie

        I agree but when Frank was in EPA he really smoked the meat for hours and hours but now he has a new means of cooking the meat and it not hours and hours of real wood smoke.

        It shows in taste and texture. Believe I can tell one from the other.

        1. re: yimster

          Rumor has it that Uncle Frank's brother used to do the smoking. There has since been a falling out and supposedly someone else does the smoking now. This might explain the change in quality.

    2. Okay, good, I don't feel alone now in thinking that Uncle Frank's is way overrated. I went there once with two other pals and all of us thought it was just okay. I'd agree with every one of skikt's ratings above. I wouldn't come back, even though the staff was very friendly.