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Apr 13, 2007 07:50 PM

Salt & Pepper Shrimp

I had an exchange about S&P shrimp with rudeboy and ktown378 on a Sea Dragon thread, and just wanted to say that ktown378 was dern right about Din Ho having a good version of this (and I'm sure all of Austin already knew this except me). Very light coating (ie., not breaded), shell-on, crispy, and exploding with that salty/peppery goodness. The shrimp were pretty big & meaty, however, they did not have their heads-on unfortunately. Apparently they do serve them with their heads on, but despite my asking for them as such, we got them beheaded. nkurz & I were lucky we even got them I guess, since they initially brought a breaded/fried squid dish in error (which wasn't bad, but not great either).

This was actually my first visit to Din Ho, and I enjoyed it. Def'y will return to explore the huge menu, and I can now sleep better knowing there is a reliable Cantonese-style joint in town to fill that craving. nkurz & I sat down at a small table for 4, ordered roast duck & bbq pork, salted fish w/ bean curd hotpot, beef w/ flat noodles in satay sauce, sauteed water spinach, s&p shrimp -- our concerned waiter first said, "That's alot of food", then came back shortly after and said, "You're gonna need a larger table." These words never fail to make me smile.

Anyways, just curious where other good versions of s&p shrimp are. rudeboy mentions Marco Polo having a good tapioca-dredged one, and the estimable sambamaster also spoke favourably of Sea Dragon's.

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  1. hey nab, sorry i couldn't make it out. but definitely glad to hear you guys had a good time and had some good food. did they actually have water spinach? i guess it's getting back into season again because the last few times i've gone they didn't have any. lucky you :) the s&p shrimp at sea dragon isn't bad but it's different. they batter and deep fry the shrimp. the batter reminds me of a fish n' chips type of batter (sry don't know any better explanation at the moment to describe it). not bad, just different and a bit heavier. the s&p shrimp/calamari at sunflower was pretty good when nkurz and i had it. hopefully others will be able to chime in with their 2 cents.

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      I'll be making a pilgrimmage :)/hosting an event with another goup to go out to Pao's Mandarin House in Lakeway and I'm pretty sure that they have that dish. I've actually never had *that* particular dish at Pao's but will add that to the list of things that I wanted to get and report back. mmmm...three cup chicken, mapo tofu, scallion pancakes...don't want to hijack this thread but what does everyone else like at Pao's? i also used to get their spicy beef noodle soup and wonton noodle soup at the downtown location...

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        i went there for a chinese new year dinner. but i don't remember much. if it was awesome, i would've remembered. would love an updated review!

    2. Nab thanks for starting a topic on Salt & Pepper Shrimp!

      It's one of my favorite Chinese dishes. Here's where I've tried it:

      Favorite so far: Hao-Hao in Round Rock on 620 near I-35 in a shopping center

      They serve it with a dry scallion "sauce" . I always ask for extra of the scallion dry sauce, which always confuses the server " But it doesn't have a sauce" :-).

      As you described above, it has a very light coating and definitely has that salty/peppery flavor goodness. I wouldn't call them "large" shrimp though, and they are headless.

      Good: PF Changs, because of the delicious mustard sauce they serve with it.

      Did not like: Asia Cafe's peppery shrimp

      It just didn't have the interesting flavors of the other 2 above.

      1. Four replies so far and no one has mentioned T&S Seafood yet? I'm a sucker for salt and pepper anything there - shrimp, squid, soft-shell crab. North Lamar just past Rutland.

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          It is good - it should be noted that they have quite a bit of "breading" on their S&P items, except for the crab.