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Apr 13, 2007 07:38 PM

Cake recipe history?

I have arecipe written in my grandmother's hand for a chocolate cake called a "Marigold" cake. I'm wondering if anyone has any knowledge of the origin of the name. I'm in north Mississippi and I suspect it came from somewhere around here. I've also lost the icing part of the recipe (it was deeply chocolate). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. You might browse around here - I know they have some interesting stuff about other Southern cakes and it's a fun read...

    1. Can you give us some more clues? NW MS near the River or NE near Alabama? Any idea how old this recipe might be? Chocolate cakes weren't very common in the South and they often used cocoa.
      Marigold could have been somebody's name. If you get an idea of the age of the cake, you might try libraries for church or community cookbooks.

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        Its from NW MS, possibly Memphis, TN even. The only guess for age is pre 1958. The recipe calls for two squares of chocolate, but its possible she changed that from cocoa at some time.

      2. I bet it's named for Merigold, Mississippi (near Cleveland, MS and in the NW section of the state, I believe). (Note the town's name spelling with an e instead of an a.)

        Here are a few links that mention the place (not the cake though):

        Wikipedia entry on Merigold, MS

        Delta Blues Museum:

        Some pottery place there:

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          Great call, Cinnamon! Forensic food!
          PapaHarley, you might also check with at the University of Mississippi at Oxford. They're doing incredible work tracking down old Souther foodways and the origins of Southern food. They may have some clues about this recipe. Oxford isn't far from Merigold in the Delta.
          Or just pick up the phone and call a church in Merigold. Some of the women may know about the cake from bake sales if it's a traditional local favorite.

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            Still tracking down all the leads, thanks to everyone for their input.