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Apr 13, 2007 06:50 PM

Breakfast spot near LAX or West LA area?

Any recommendations for a good breakfast spot near LAX or West LA - early morning 7:30am-ish...

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  1. Pann's. It's right where La Cienega splits with La Tijera. It's on the way to the airport if you're taking La Cienega. Good diner type breakfasts.

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    1. re: writergirl

      Haven't been to Pann's since the early 90s but if they are still on their game - Tony Michaels says yes in a writeup last month - then I'd second Pann's. It's a quick ride to or from LAX.

      1. re: bulavinaka

        Still a very good choice. It may sound strange but get the waffle and wings for breakfast, (writergirl). You'll thank me later. Eat the waffle first while still hot / warm and then the wings which are still fantastic even only warm.

        1. re: tony michaels

          Just grabbed some dinner at Pann's with the family. Didn't order any breakfast but the dinners were tasty. Had the bouillabaisse, and the kids had the burger and fried chicken breast (they call it nuggets but it's much better). For $11, the bouillabaisse is a generous dish with lots of fresh seafood that is gently simmered in a wonderful broth. Didn't care for the garlic bread - will order the corn bread next time.

          What amazes me about this place is it's been a solid eatery for decades. The menu has plenty of great choices, the service is always friendly, helpful and attentive, and they offer dishes that one just wouldn't expect to find at a coffee shop/restaurant. For example, beside the bouillabaisse, one of tonite's specials was lamb shanks - at a coffee shop? Just amazing.

          The last time I at hear was the early 90s - kind of lost touch with this neighborhood after changing job locations... I'm glad I came back for another go... Thanks again, Tony - another solid rec.

            1. re: tony michaels

              Oh no - back at you... Kana vaka levu - eat well!

            2. re: bulavinaka

              I've never had dinner there, just breakfast. I'll put it on the list of places to try for dinner!

              1. re: writergirl

                We were surprised at all the offerings. You know the place - coffee shop straight out of the mid-century modern era, still alive and kickin' - one of the last ones but keeping their business going by offering lots of choices that are very acceptable by coffee shop standards and who would have ever thought bouillabaisse would be a regular Friday dish here? Don't bother with the garlic bread - my guess is the cornbread is probably the way to go. Lots of people were ordering fried chicken options as well - Tony Michaels likes their wings - I regret not ordering it as I saw it come out of the kitchen and it does look really good.

                Another great point about Pann's is the staff is very friendly, especially kind to kids. That's a big plus for us since we have two rugrats...

      2. dinah's family restaurant.
        Dinah's Family Restaurant. 6521 S Sepulveda Blvd (at Centinela Blvd). Los Angeles California 90045. Phone: (310) 645-0456.

        order the chile relleno omlette, or the german pancake, or the apple pancake, or the swedish pancakes.