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Apr 13, 2007 06:01 PM

What wine with artichokes?

What wine do you like to pair with artichokes? I've found that artichokes seem to flatten out most wines.

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  1. not red, that's for sure.
    my mom always taught me to leave my artichokes to the end, because after that the wine turns in your mouth.

    1. I think you aren't supposed to drink wine with artichokes because they always make the wine taste sweet.

      1. Have yet to find a match made in heaven. That said, Provençal and Corsican rosés have sometimes come close, and whites from the same regions work better than most.

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          Here is my suggestion:

          I like to use a tempura batter on artichokes sided with a caper mayo and a glass of Brut. Works fine according to my tastebuds.........

        2. Uh, a tough one. Like asperagus, and green beans. I forget the acid, that all of these share, but they are usually "death" on wines. However, I have had fair luck with Pinot Gris/Grigio with artichokes. We had some micro-chokes with butter and a King Estate Reserve PG, that was quite good. Maybe the butter and the oak in the Reserve did the trick. Either way, I was surprised.

          Next guess would be a Brut Rosé, either Champagne, or maybe domestic. Thinking Iron Horse here.