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Apr 13, 2007 05:46 PM

65th birthday dinner for grumpy dad

Anyone have suggestions where I can have a birthday dinner for my pops.. ( think archie bunker type) but yet has an extreme palette? He is a diabetic so no crazy fatty places.. or we'd be at Lugers but he loves seafood. I would love to find a place with a great chef's table or very comfortable space for an elders. Must be a memorable dinner.. he's very ill and I want to make this very special for him to remember. midtown area is preferred but open to anything.. budget not an issue..thankssssss

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  1. Steak and lobster? I don't know why I am thinking such, but a grand steak or lobster gives grumpy people less reason to complain...if that is what grumpy means.

    The list of grand steak palaces is endless. I am going to now post one of my family's favs...which gets little, if any mention. I live in LA, but up until a few weeks ago, also lived in NYC where we had an apartment, and did not limit ourselves to steaks! Actually, we love and adore Indian, such as Devi or Tamarind or Chola ...more than anything......and a picky teen son, who does not share our tastes. All of us loved going to Bobby Van's for amazing steak/lobster/llemon pepper shrimp. Son's fav spot. Service impeccable. Costly, yes. Great drinks. Gets no buzz here on Chowhound, and there are more enticing places without a doubt. At nite it is quiet. Nothing extreme about it, but solid and worth it, in my opinon. As we were regulars, we had the most amazing service, but I cannot believe they would not be the same for anyone...hope so! Prices similar to any high end steak house. Also, Keen's? Well, good luck!

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      hey thanks so much. I heard the same thing about Bobby Vans.. many compliments but they get no love. i'll check it out..thanks again!

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        Gotta buzz, no respect..and honestly, it is not a scene. It is wonderful, in my opinion, and believe me, we did the whole NYC steak scene. Before living in NYC we were in Chicago for eight or so years.(home always LA)..and we did all the Chicago steak houses. I have my fav...Gibson' husband may disagree...but never a bad meal, nothing but excellence. They knew what we wanted and how we wanted it before we did! Now, I digress as it is not Chicago. We are steak lovers, all like something different, In NYC, overall, through three years, many steak dinners, many different steak houses, when our son graduated from high school in NYC, it was party time at Bobby Van's. I value the repect that we got there, amazing service, and never a bad item...ever! I do hope you check it out...don't expect a scene...expect a wonderful environment, easy for conversations, superb service, fabulous steaks, lobster...well, if you do go, please report back!

    2. Forgive me, I just read this post again, and realize steak and lobster isn't the solution.
      What was I thinking? Again, forgive me. Tired today!

      1. You don't say how big a party this will be, information that would be helpful.

        As far as a chef's table is concerned, Daniel offers one. I'd bet you can work out a menu with the staff that would suit your father's likes and diet needs. I'm sure it would be quite costly, but certainly memorable.

        Park Avenue Cafe has a chef's table. It's been quite a few years since we had dinner there. At that time, the food was excellent. But there have been chef changes since then (though the fabulous pastry chef, Richard Leach, is still there), so I don't know how the quality of the food is now.

        Oceana, of course, specializes in fish and seafood. Again, our superb dinner there goes back a long time to the Rick Moonen days. New executive and pastry chefs have recently been hired. To my knowledge, there is no chef's table; however, they do have a wine cellar room for private parties.

        Acc. to Zagat, a couple of other places that offer a chef's table which are worth looking into: Country (in the Carlton Hotel) and Aquavit.

        Best wishes to your dad on his 65th birthday!

        1. It seems like Le Benardin fits your criteria: great seafood, service, and space in Midtown. But pricey, if that's worth the memorable dinner.

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            This was my first thought too, when you mentioned he likes seafood. Can't get much better...

          2. Does Dad like sushi?

            I took my Dad to Yasuda for his 70th birthday. He has a lot in common with the Dad you described- grumpy, picky, not in the prime of health... I was a little worried, but it was an incredible experience. We sat at Yasuda's area of the sushi bar and he really made my Dad's day. Yasuda really listened to him and picked out just the right things for him to try, in addition to being very complementary and entertaining.

            If sushi is no good, here are a few of my Dad's favorite restaurants: Chanterelle, Periyali (a little less upscale than the other places you mentioned), Union Square Cafe. They have staff that treat him well and take his crankiness in stride.

            Good luck, and I hope your Dad has a very happy birthday!