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Apr 13, 2007 05:21 PM

Graduation brunch/lunch near USF: North Tampa

My daughter is graduating HS in May and the ceremony is at USF Sundome. I'm not that familiar with the area, but would like to host 7 or 8 family members for a nice brunch/lunch afterword. Of course, looking for good quality and pleasant surroundings, but probably not too exotic. Can anyone from up there help

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  1. Brunch? Try First Watch on Fowler. Yeah, it's a chain, but they've got some great food there. Otherwise, you're out of luck unless you go further north to the New Tampa area, or south toward Channelside (in which case I'd recommend Jackson's Bistro), or Westshore/SoHo (any number of places there).

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      I second First Watch, I wish they had one in the brandon area so I could go more often.

    2. Try Jasons Deli on Fowler (adjacent to USF). Good and fresh food in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

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      1. re: sabbasabbaba

        Wow, I had no idea the USF area was so devoid of quality restaurants. How about a decent steak house or Italian place, maybe in the Temple Terrace area?

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          Honestly, the only good places I can think of to eat in that area are ethnic. Trang Viet Cuisine, Taj, and Ichiban.

      2. If you're willing to drive to Wesley Chapel, the Saddlebrook Resort is really nice, and you could probably host a brunch there. While I think a deli is a good choice for a lunch, perhaps it's not the special atmosphere you're looking for on your daughter's high school graduation day? As for quality and pleasant surroundings, I am stumped to think of anything near USF. My ex-husband went to grad school there. I'll see if he can think of anything (lucky we're still friends LOL)

        1. try Savvy Jack's south of fowler on 56th. their food has improved since a German lady took it over (tho it wasn't bad to begin with). Good breakfast, lunch. Haven't been in over a year, but it should do you right.

          otherwise, brunch is tough in the USF area. First watch would do in a pinch.