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Apr 13, 2007 05:20 PM

Which Wich? vs. Potbelly

Such a dilemma (ha) - one location of both of these sandwich chains has opened within 1/4 mile of my home in Houston. Since I work from home most days, I'm always looking for nearby lunch options. Which do you prefer, and why? The concepts seem awfully similar... handmade crusty sandwiches. Which Wich has an ordering concept VERY similar to a local chain (Brown Bag Deli) where you write your order on your sack and all sandwiches are the same price. Potbelly has been open a little longer and has lines out the door (maybe that should tell me something). Anyway, I'm interested in your opinions before I take the plunge. Thanks!!

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  1. I've never been to a Which Wich, but Potbelly's started here in Chicago and I have been a fan for years. The sandwiches are SO good,(I get the Italian) and the shakes are yummy too. The ones in Chicago frequently have live music during lunch, which is a nice little treat.

    1. I would vote for Which Wich based on available options. Which Wich has over 50 sandwiches and Potbellys has about 12.

      1. Jim...I gotta say go with the Potbelly sandwiches. I've had both places, and while Which 'Wich has a larger selection, I think Potbelly has the better quality sandwich. Just be sure to get it with the hot pepper mix and the BBQ Ranch chips.

        1. Jim,

          Have you tried either of them? Are they worth the drive across town, for me? I'm on the NW side right outside the loop.


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            I have now tried both and Which Wich? is the easy winner for me. Much more variety and I really like being able to construct my own sandwich by marking the paper bag. It's fun. And I love their roast beef and their chicken salad. Their pulled pork is pretty good too. Potbelly isn't bad, but I find their bread gets way too crisp/hard for me, and while the sandwiches are tasty, they're smaller than WW as well.

            1. re: jim1126

              Thanks Jim. Now if there was just one closer to me, I'd be in sandwich heaven.