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Apr 13, 2007 04:49 PM

Montreal girls weekend - suggestions please!

I call us "girls" but really we are going to celebrate a friend's 40th so I suppose that we are more mature girls.....

We don't want to spend oodles, but I have one major foodie in the group and one first timer to Montreal.

We are staying in Old Montreal, but are willing to cab it within reason.

I already have a reservation at Brunoise (it is my fav), but am wondering if I should change it to Brasserie Brunoise. Does anyone have comments regarding dinner at the new place - I have only seen a handful of lunch recos.

Other than that, I would appreciate some comments on:

Boris Bistro
Azsu (or Aszu - I forget which!)
Joe Beef (I know - pricey! - but worth it???)

Le Cartet or Byblos for Sunday brunch?

And, coming in late Thursday eve, thinking of Boris Bistro, any others close-by?

Thanks so much. I LOVE Montreal and I am sure that we are in for an unforgettable long weekend!

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  1. Hiya! A couple of recent threads came to mind that you might want to start off by checking out. Also, these restaurants come up a lot so try searching the board for their names and you'll have tons of reviews and recs to check out.

    As for brunch, I went to Byblos for the first time recently and loved it. Very unique, charming, and good value. I'd try to make a reservation though (if they take them) because I've heard it's nuts on the weekend.

    Have fun!

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      Pintxo is a favourite with my grrls' club because it so fun to try all those delicate little tapas. We also enjoyed Casa Tapas for the same reason although the food was more classical Spanish and portions larger. We have plans to check out Bu in the future too. I also love Brunoise and have heard only good things about Byblos.

      1. re: Plateaumaman

        I'm french I went this winter to Boris bistro it was really perfect. ....the food and everything. The cook ofa French restaurant in my town Montpellier went there last summer several times and he loved it. As I was going to montréal He told me : "You must go there". The terrasse must be marvellous in summer.

      2. re: kpzoo

        Boris Bistro is known for the terasse not the food so avoid unless you are coming in the summer. Holder is always good. You can't miss with eith Brunoise location or Joe Beef for that matter.

        Since ou are staying in Old Montreal why not try le Cartet, Holder, etc. and avoid cabs whenever possible. You might also enjoy a dinner at Garde Manger.

        1. re: eat2much

          Thanks for the info on Boris. Just want to find a good spot in Old Montreal that is open late on Thursdays. I'll check Holder.

          1. re: elasticwaistband

            Personally, i would choose Garde Manger over Holder. However, reservations are more difficult to come by.

            1. re: thomasein

              I beg to differ. Garde-Manger is about ambience, not food. It has a great vibe, but I posted a review of a terrible meal I had there (particularly for the price). It's fun, but don't bring foodie expectations. Holder has a great (but different) atmosphere and much better food for the same price or less.

        2. re: kpzoo

          I dont think that Byblos does reservations. Going there pretty much every weekend, I,ve seen it all and yes it gets busy after 10:30 and sometimes service and food can get a little spotty. So we now have a strategy of going before 10-10:30. It's quieter, the food is much better and service very smooth.

        3. Le Pied De Cochon on Duluth. hands down.

          1. My mind's a sieve but I seem to recall someone saying at a recent wine tasting that Aszu now does weekend brunch and that it's a good one. You should call to confirm but it might be a way to kill two birds with one stone.

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            1. re: carswell

              Thank you all so much for the great ideas. Garde-Manger looks good for our late dinner on Thusday, but I can't find their website. It is within easy walking distance to our hotel, and I want to check out their menu and hours. Does anyone have their website address handy?

              Also, looking for a good lunch place close to Sherbrooke and University.


              1. re: elasticwaistband

                Garde Manger does not have a website and the menu changes almost daily.

                The best luch in the Sherbrooke / University area would probably be Cafe Ferreira on Peel.

                1. re: elasticwaistband

                  eat2much is, as ever, right on both counts. Be aware that Cafe Ferreira ain't cheap, however. Personally, I'd probably head to the Caffè ArtJava shop on Président Kennedy (one block south of Sherbrooke), a couple of doors east of University. Good sandwiches, wraps and salads and the best espresso in the city.

                  1. re: elasticwaistband

                    On a weekday, I'd recommend a sandwich at Café Art Java on University and President-Kennedy ("Le Berger" or "Le Grandpère" are great!) They're closed on weekends, it seems, presumably because they cater to a more businessy crowd, but if you're there during the week and need a lunch break, it's great. They make delicious coffee, too.

                2. I love the atmosphere at Holder. It's loud, boisterous, and the lighting is perfect. The food is really good, too, and the bar tender will make you a real manhattan. I had a lot of fun there on my last birthday.

                  1. Holder is a great atmosphere.
                    Pinxto-cool atmosphere and very good, inventive tapas
                    Joe Beef- just say no!