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Apr 13, 2007 04:45 PM

Good, Casual date place near University Place for tonight?


I am looking for a casual relatively inexpensive place to go on a date tonight, no indian food and nothing I can't get into without a reservation. Thank you so much for your help

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  1. Otto, but you'll have to wait

    Piadina. I've only been once and had one pasta dish, but what I had was good. I think vibe would be right for what you're going for.

    Cornelia St. Cafe

    If you're looking for more casual, you could try one of the new burger places--Stand and BLT Burger

      1. re: mstatt54

        My go to place is Buona Sera at Univ and 12th, excellent italian. of course for double that you can go to il cantinori on 10th. Class american steakhouse is knickerbocker grill at 9th and univ. Borgo antico on 13th and univ is also good.

        1. re: ricky7

          I must disagree with Buona Sera. It is horrible.

      2. Borgo Antico is good Italian near University.
        Piola is casual Italian and great also--great salads and pizza but fun atmosphere...

        1. This is kind of a silly rec with all thats going on with their delivery service right now but Saigon Grill has great food and drinks that is inepensive and the atmosphere is fun.

          1. Jack - we love it, the scallop salad and the mussels are awesome and they have a great wine list.