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Apr 13, 2007 03:11 PM

Brooklyn Heights Sat. Night

Will be in the Heights tomorrow for an early dinner. Heard Henry's End is good but a bit too pricey for us (3 middle aged couples). We would like something with a varied menu since one couple is an on and off again vegetarian and /or Kosher but will eat fish, pasta, salads. One meat eater and a not so fussy few. Thanks for any hints.

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  1. In my opinion, the only places in Brooklyn Heights proper that are worth eating at for a "nice Saturday night out" are:

    -- Henry's End
    -- Noodle Pudding (italian, no reservations, cash only)
    -- Petite Marche (new french place)
    -- Queen (kinda sleepy old school italian but very good)

    If you're going to the South end of the Heights you can cross over Atlantic and go to Hibino, the very new Japanese place on Henry and Pacific (1 very short block outside the Heights into Cobble Hill).

    If you're on the very North end of the Heights you can cross over Front St. and go to Five Front, a very good new American though I think you'd find the price similar to Henry's End.

    With everything you say, I think Noodle Pudding is your best bet. If indeed you're eating "early" as you say you should be able to get a table. (Assuming "early" means 6ish, not 7:30ish.)


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      I think Peter has summed it up pretty well. Noodle Pudding is excellent, and cheaper than Henry's End. Five Front is also a good choice, which leaves you a block from the water and a view of the skyline. I do think its a bit cheaper than Henry's End.