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Alcoholic dessert

Anyoen have any dessert recipes that'll also get you drunk? or drunk-ish? or at least seem slightly risque? no cooking of the booze allowed--must be present and effective in final product.

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  1. What about taking some vanilla ice cream or gelato, and pouring Poire William over the top?

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      i was thinking of some small amount of cooking. i once had some sort of dip that involved kahlua, pudding, and whipped cream and you dipped bananas in. i think. maybe along those lines?

    2. Lemon sorbet served in a glass with a shot of quality vodka poured over top! OR fresh berries served in a cup with limoncello and lemon zest (or grand marnier and orange zest)! This one's not really alcohol IN the dessert... but I always LOVE a rich flourless chocolate cake served with a cup of Bailey's and coffee.

      1. I strongly recommend Midnight Rum Balls, submitted by Chowhound's own AnneInMinneapolis. Just do a search and you'll find the recipe. A few of those and you'll feel tipsy. Jello shots (with whipped cream) are a sure thing, too.......tee hee.

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          Oh I once had fresh berries that were layered like this in a tall large wine glass:
          Strawberries soaked in Grand Marnier and a little sugar, then a layer of raspberries the same way, then blackberries, topped with strawberries and GrandMarnier was ALL over the beries, then topped with a light whip cream, and a long spoon.

          I know that I was tipsy when I finished that dessert, and I wasn't willing to share, it was excellent!!

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            I've made similar parfaits. Between the berries I layer some vanilla ice cream. Pour more Grand Manier and top with whipped cream.

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              This is a variation of the classic French dessert: Strawberries Romanoff.

          2. how about a liquor added to creme brulee or flan? or you could go for the fruit salad dessert (soaked watermelon, etc.. in alcohol)

            or go back many years- and make a creative version of jell-o shots:)

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              Or liquor in a nice English Trifle?? I would think the recipe from Five Crowns would be scrumptious!!

            2. guiness floats!

              or better yeat, youngs double chocolate stout, or rogue's mocha porter, used with ice cream to make a float.

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                Hollow out large sweet oranges, save pulp. Fill orange cavities with orange gelato or sorbett and add at least a jigger of vodka to each. Freeze. Remove all membranes and strings from pulp, briefly process in food processor - with more vodka. Fold pulp/vodka mixture through whipped cream to use to decorate dessert plates and top forzen oranges.

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                  That's sounds wonderful!! I will try that one!!

              2. My favorite dessert of all time is brandied cherries. Each spring I fill a quart jar with unpitted, stems-on cherries (usually Bing). Pour decent brandy over, add a bit of sugar, maybe 3/4 cup, let it sit for a few months, and you have it. I serve it in little cordial glasses (are those small glasses with stems?) - a nip of brandy and a few cherries. Or a lot of brandy and a lot of cherries. You could pour it over ice cream or serve with whipped cream, but I like my booze relatively unadulterated. These are also great with a flourless chocolate cake.

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                1. Strawberries sliced and doused with a good slug of grand marnier, served over vanilla ice cream.

                  1. Spike a watermelon with Rum.

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                    1. STRAWBERRY AND PROSECCO FIZZ WITH LEMON SORBET from Epicurious. http://www.epicurious.com/cooking/men...

                      I've made a few versions of this, yummy, simple, springy and packs a kick.


                        1. i've always liked to soak chocolate cake layers w/ amaretto prior to stacking and frosting; I suppose if intoxication were a higher priority you could do the same w/ some bacardi 151? maybe a pina colada cake w/ pineapple/coconut icing? hmmm...i may try that....

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                            Similarly, I've done a vanilla cake with bits of orange zest, then soaked in grand marnier, and layered w/ an orange zest buttercream.

                            For chocolate cake, I've used Bailey's Irish Cream (huge hit!) and also done an amaretto/kahlua mix.

                            Of course there's the other option... Make whatever cake you want and whatever frosting, then soak layers in Everclear, and/or to the frosting... Your guests will never know what him 'em.

                            Vodka Jello Shooters... 'nough said.

                          2. What about a tira misu...you can be generous with the dark rum...

                            1. Here's a link to a recipe I posted around the holidays for chocolate bourbon cake with caramel whipped cream icing. It's very rich and the cake layers are brushed with straight bourbon:


                              1. rum cake is the best...I got some on vacation-and it'll definitely get you buzzed. I believe rum is in the baking, but a generous pouring of rum over the cake after baking is what gives it that ability to get you buzzed...

                                1. At my rehearsal dinner, held in my mother-in-law's beautiful back yard, she served melon balls (cantalope and muskmelon, I think) that had soaked in something, clear rum i think, for a couple days. People got quite buzzed quite quickly. The melon balls weren't labeled as alcoholic, though you could certainly tell as soon as you ate one. Still, they were much stronger than anyone expected, and really were the life of the party. Nothing loosens up a gathering that includes various "X" and step families than getting everyone slightly tipsy on accident. Really a great memory from the wedding weekend. I think alcoholic deserts should become a rehearsal dinner tradition.

                                  1. I had a friend who served dark cherries that had been marinating in Maker's Mark. Unbelievable with vanilla ice cream.

                                    1. I like the idea of some of the marinated fruit mentioned below, but then plop the whole thing on top of a pound cake or angel cake and let the spirits seep in and flavor the cake. Flavors like Gran Marnier, Amaretto, etc. You could make or buy said cake, and then soak sweetened orange sections in Gran Marnier, and put that on top of 1/4 of the cake, and then maybe soak peaches in amaretto and that on another 1/4.. for the other 1/2 I dunno.. fruit cocktail and grenadine for 1/4 and bananas foster with extra banana spirits over the other 1/4? That should get you drunk just making and tasting it.

                                      1. My favorite all-time dessert is Vin Santo with some good biscotti. It's very simple, yet highly satisfying. You get to dunk the crisp cookies into the yummy wine and hopefully continue your buzz from dinner...

                                          1. Peaches marinated in Sauturne (or Muscat de Beaum de Venise to save $$$) served in a goblet with lots of the wine and softly whipped cream on top. One of my favorite things to have. Mango may work when peaches are not in season, but peaches are really good.

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                                              Zabaglione layered with peaces and rasperries soaked in Marsala-a bottom layer of Italian lady fingers or amoretti cookies soaked in Marsala. A few amoretti crumbled on top. Love zab-reminds me of my mother. She always made it in the summer...

                                              Strawberries Romanoff-a variation of many of the fruit marinated desserts described already. The recipe is in The Joy of Cooking and involves layering strawberries marinated in orange liquor with a half ice-cream/half whipped cream concoction. I do it in a wine glass. It will blow your mind.

                                              Half a ripe cantaloupe filled with raspberries and a good shot or two of port. Fabulous starter for any meal, especially a naughty breakfast.

                                              Champagne vinaigerette.

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                                                Bet nectarines would go beautifully with this too. Muscat would be perfect for that.

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                                                  wow, this one time in Paris, I had what was listed on the menu as "baba au rhum avec RHUMMMMMMMMMMMM". It was amazing, and came with a generous shot of rum to pour over the cake. I need to make this again

                                                2. How about a snicker candy bar and a bottle of ice cold 151 Cruzan???...didn't think so, i did partake of a rum cake several years ago that left several of us quite happy,sorry no recipe, buy I'll bet you could bake the cake,melt the butte/sugar together then add the rum after ,or before the butter/sugar mixture...sounds crude,but should work,maybe even flavored rum???,experimenting is part of the joy of cooking.

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                                                    Where was it on this board I read about someone's sister coming home a bit toasted one night but determined to make a vodka infusion out of Oreos? (A several-week process.)

                                                    (The alleged facts may have changed in the retelling, but I do recall it didn't turn out so well.)

                                                  2. I know one dessert that has gotten me drunk-ish (had I eaten more I would have been drunk).

                                                    Take some chocolate chip waffles and douse them in either:
                                                    Bailey's whipped cream
                                                    Honey-bourbon maple syrup (add the bourbon after you've heated the syrup for maximum potency)
                                                    Or both!

                                                    I actually felt tipsy after eating two of these, and I am in college, if that says anything about my tolerance. The bourbon syrup is delicious if you like bourbon, and who doesn't love Baileys, or whipped cream?

                                                    1. I almost forgot alcoholic jello! You could probably take any no-cook jello pudding recipe and turn it alcoholic easily. I hope this helps you, or someone else 4 years later!

                                                      1. Good rye whiskey, splash of soda, over ice. Repeat if necessary. My favorite after dinner "treat". ;-)

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                                                          Seriously though. German Rumtopf over vanilla custard. Unfortunately it is prepared over the summer as fresh berries and fruits are coming in, but by next Christmas you'll have a desert that will need a designated driver...


                                                          I personally don't like to use sliced fruit since they get too soft (pears, apples, etc), just whole fruits (blueberries, cherries (leave a small piece of stem on to keep them firm), strawberries, raspberries, etc).

                                                        2. I know you said a small amount of cooking - would you consider blending ingredients "cooking"? 'Cause I was thinking alcoholic malts . . .the now defunct Town Talk diner (in Minneapolis) served these - they were great. The one that really stands out was dreamsicle flavored. I'd guess it was made of orange sherbet, vanilla ice cream, and vodka. . .? I'd imagine you could do some great things with chocolate ice cream plus benedictine, kahlua, chambord, or something else.