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Apr 13, 2007 02:58 PM

Alcoholic dessert

Anyoen have any dessert recipes that'll also get you drunk? or drunk-ish? or at least seem slightly risque? no cooking of the booze allowed--must be present and effective in final product.

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  1. What about taking some vanilla ice cream or gelato, and pouring Poire William over the top?

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      i was thinking of some small amount of cooking. i once had some sort of dip that involved kahlua, pudding, and whipped cream and you dipped bananas in. i think. maybe along those lines?

    2. Lemon sorbet served in a glass with a shot of quality vodka poured over top! OR fresh berries served in a cup with limoncello and lemon zest (or grand marnier and orange zest)! This one's not really alcohol IN the dessert... but I always LOVE a rich flourless chocolate cake served with a cup of Bailey's and coffee.

      1. I strongly recommend Midnight Rum Balls, submitted by Chowhound's own AnneInMinneapolis. Just do a search and you'll find the recipe. A few of those and you'll feel tipsy. Jello shots (with whipped cream) are a sure thing, too.......tee hee.

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          Oh I once had fresh berries that were layered like this in a tall large wine glass:
          Strawberries soaked in Grand Marnier and a little sugar, then a layer of raspberries the same way, then blackberries, topped with strawberries and GrandMarnier was ALL over the beries, then topped with a light whip cream, and a long spoon.

          I know that I was tipsy when I finished that dessert, and I wasn't willing to share, it was excellent!!

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            I've made similar parfaits. Between the berries I layer some vanilla ice cream. Pour more Grand Manier and top with whipped cream.

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              This is a variation of the classic French dessert: Strawberries Romanoff.

          2. how about a liquor added to creme brulee or flan? or you could go for the fruit salad dessert (soaked watermelon, etc.. in alcohol)

            or go back many years- and make a creative version of jell-o shots:)

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              Or liquor in a nice English Trifle?? I would think the recipe from Five Crowns would be scrumptious!!

            2. guiness floats!

              or better yeat, youngs double chocolate stout, or rogue's mocha porter, used with ice cream to make a float.

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                Hollow out large sweet oranges, save pulp. Fill orange cavities with orange gelato or sorbett and add at least a jigger of vodka to each. Freeze. Remove all membranes and strings from pulp, briefly process in food processor - with more vodka. Fold pulp/vodka mixture through whipped cream to use to decorate dessert plates and top forzen oranges.

                1. re: Alice Letseat

                  That's sounds wonderful!! I will try that one!!