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Apr 13, 2007 02:29 PM

Chinese banquet place in Chinatown for 15?

Any reccs for a business-like dinner, with nice banquet rooms and diverse menu? Dungeness crab dishes, for instance? We went to R&G last year and it was ok, but looking for better.

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  1. No can do. You probably dont' want Tommy Toy's or Great Eastern. If you want to venture out to Daly City, Koi Palace. Or in Millibrae, Zen. I was going to recommend South Sea Village, they do have your own private banquet room, but the reviews here say they have gone down down hill.

    Other options would be two places on Grant, one on corner of California, and the other between California and Clay, but these are more touristy restaurants though you do have you old timers (Chinese) going there.

    1. Better than R&G in chinatown? Can't think of any.

      1. If R&G isn't good enough you're out of luck. Chinatown is not the place for high quality Chinese food. In eight visits to San Francisco last year our hotel was in Chinatown and we didn't take a single dinner in Chinatown, but rather drove out Daly City, Millbrae, etc. All the restaurants fitting your profile are outside of Chinatown. Maybe Parc Hong Kong on Geary would meet your requirements.

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          I agree the better Cantonese is in the Peninsula.

          Joy Luck in San Mateo
          Tai Wu in Daly City
          Zen Pen in Millbare
          The Kitchen in Millbare

          To just name a few.

          1. re: yimster

            Thanks, all. Perhaps we will forgo the Chinese banquet in Chinatown, and take a short trip to the Peninsula. Does everyone recommend Koi Palace or Joy Luck?

            1. re: claireaguilar

              Soley on food, I prefer Koi Palace to Joy Luck for a group dinner. KP's set banquet dinners are all solid choices. Make sure you make reservations, and be prepared to wait a little even if you have reservations. However, KP can be a bit of a madhouse when it's busy, whereas Joy Luck is a lot calmer and may have better atmosphere for a sedate business dinner.

            2. re: yimster

              Is Tai Wu still as good since Andy Wai departed?

              1. re: Gary Soup

                Yes, the owner/chef Mr Fong is still makes his rounds daily at all of his places and reviews the work of his staff. So it not as good as when Andy was there but it still good.