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Apr 13, 2007 02:20 PM

Dinner in Lexington, KY

I'll be in Lexington for a weekend wedding in May, and need dinner recs for Saturday night and breakfast/brunch/lunch recs for Sunday morning/afternoon. I'd love to keep dinner under $30 per person. I'm open to all types of food, and am very interested in any local specialties.

Thanks in advance!
-Karen in DC

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  1. By far the Best is Holly Hill Inn in Midway a beutiful short drive(take scenic route by horse farms) GREAT 4 Star Food at moderate prices. Look them up at their website

    1. Not sure what kind of food you are looking for, but here are some of my favs:
      Merrick Inn: Good southern cooking, kind of off the beaten path on Tates Creek Rd.
      a la lucie's: one of my favorite places, very trendy, can be expensive if you get the works, I love their French Onion Soup!
      Bellinis: little Italian place downtown, great pastas and steak
      Sal's Italian Chophouse: also on Tates Creek, great steaks and seafood, love their mini cheeseburger apps, risotto, and there is a fun bar next door, or a piano bar just a short walk away
      For Sunday, there is Ramsey's (several throughout the city): good down-home cooking and breakfast served all day
      Winchell's: on Southland Drive, just had breakfast there yesterday. Great local neighborhood place, also a down-home cooking kind of place
      You may also want to check out this website for other ideas and menus:
      Good luck!

      1. I second the rec of Holly Hill Inn. They're by far the best dining experience in the area, and the drive is short and scenic and gets you in the mood to enjoy a nice little getaway. (We usually take 62 from Versailles and then 421.) I find the prices quite reasonable for the quality and satisfying portions.

        1. Two words: Woodland Grill!! They have great burgers and sandwiches, salads, and a nice selection of fish, steak, and pasta entrees. Fine dining in a bistro setting; fresh, regional ingredients; and great service! Best part is, there's nothing on the menu over $25! They're open for lunch and dinner, Mon.-Sat. (double check their weekend lunch hours).

          I'd definitely second the Sal's reco. below. Try their Caprese Salad with a Halibut fillet... to DIE for!

          There's also Malone's/Harry's/Aqua (three restaurants in one building) in the Hamburg area. They're owned by the same people as Sal's. Aqua has some of the best Sushi around (and I'm from Southern California, so I know good Sushi!); Harry's is a fun bar to hang out in; and Malone's has great steaks and burgers!

          Good luck! Have fun!