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Apr 13, 2007 01:47 PM

Looking for a good Shrimp Parm hero on a Friday night?

Any recommendations.... My tried and true favorite is Fortunatas on Metropolitan Ave. Its been their ace for the last 20 years. Its about the only thing they still do good. The orginal owner left for Arizona and it was never the same. Ive tried other places and have been really disappointed. Being the chowhound that I am it would be nice to find new digs.

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  1. Well I guess you're not going to hit Cono's! Have you (or anyone) tried Defonte's in Red Hook lately? I went there once, years ago.
    Defonte's 379 Columbia Street, (718) 625-8052 (they probably close early, though)

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    1. re: Brian S

      The word is they are still great. The one that is most discussed though is the roastbeef with eggplant and moz. I don't think shrimp parm is very common, I don't remember ever seeing it.

      1. re: prunefeet

        Im guessing a pizzeria is the only place to really get this. Ive tried 10 different pizzerias but its hard to find one that makes good heros let alone good shrimp parmigian. Nice toasted bread, fried shrimp, nice marinara, and good mozz that is well done and crisped. I suggest you guys that have never tried it, try one from Fortunatas. They used to make a killer pie with shrimp back in the day too.