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Apr 13, 2007 01:44 PM


Someone recommended this fish restaurant in RVC to me. Has anyone been and, if so, what were your reactions???
TIA - S.

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  1. Went there last week. Really bad service from our waitress. Long wait for the food, and then it seemed like it had been sitting around, and then she tried to keep taking our plates before we were finished.

    Appetizer of thai-style mussels was good - entrees of fish tacos and a crab tostada kind of boring.

    I miss the Belgian mussel place that used to be there.

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      I think TomF123 caught a bad night!

      I've been to Cardiff 6 or 7 times and have enjoyed every meal. We have had a delicious clam chowder and a very good shrimp quesadilla appetizer. All of entrees we have ordered have been wonderful!

      (I really don't miss the Belgian place - the original in Garden City was always much better)

    2. Went here last week for my birthday with parents. Thai Mussels were great. I had the fish tacos, best i have ever had. The bread was delicious that they put out on the table. Waiter service was very friendly and attentive. Manager or owner or somebody checked up on the meal to make everything was ok. My parents really liked their tilapia and shrimp dishes. Also they had a Kona Brewing company beer on tap that was very good. I search out microbrews and have never seen that one before. It was a little quiet for a Wednesday night, i hope they get good crowds on the weekend to keep this place going. I will be back, except i live about 20 miles away so not in the area all the time.