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Apr 13, 2007 01:44 PM

First time at La Flor and it lives up to the hype!

Thanks to everyone who posted about this gem over the years. As a lurker back in the day I thought it was some French bakery but I never really paid attention. After doing some homework i went and had some spectacular food. Pricey but very good. This place actually lives up to the hype from Jim and others in the past, just like Difara did.

I had the French toast which was great but would get it with fruit on the side instead of on top. The Mexican hot chocolate was unreal, not too sweet and not too bitter. I tried flautas as an appetizer and they were decent, maybe an off day. I went back and tried the Grilled Chicken sandwich.....heaven on a brioche bun. It made me say to myself this could go head to head with Mary Lou's sandwiches from CHPS. The chipotle mayo was a nice touch but the fresh mozzarell and grilled chicken were so good on their own it wasnt even needed. I also had a quesadilla that wasnt fried which was different from what Im used too but good in its own way.

I think I have found my new lunch spot. I will be trying the cesar salad next even though the anchovies scare me to death. Its already in the dressing so it cant be removed. Anything else I should try please let me know.

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  1. I went for my first time recently too and loved it. Had the huevos rancheros. The beans were so delicious - the flavor had a simplicity and honesty that made them special. And the green and red sauces on it were great too. I look forward to going again, especially after your review!

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      the shrimp tacos are consistently good, and the tarts (banana, coconut blueberry, pecan, choc pecan, apple, are really good....just don't have them ever put that fruit cocktail crap on your dessert...ask for it plain...and it's best to get the tarts to go, and reheat them in your oven at home for about 10 minutes on 350 otherwise sometimes they burn them when they serve them to you there..their shrimp with crabmeat is good too...and the apple pancakes are great....also, when fresh their oatmeal cookie and choc chip cookies are excellent...and good choc mousee cake...hope this helps...

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        Agree 100% with Janie. You have to ask them not to put the fruit on your dessert when you order it, b/c they do it automatically (and on the weirdest things - have you ever ever wanted fruit cocktail on top of a chocolate cookie?).
        The chocolate chocolate cookies are by far my favorite. 2nd up are the fruit tarts. Bread pudding was pretty good. Only dessert I'm not crazy for is the chocolate souffle that comes in the tin cup. It was okay, but pales in comparison to the others.
        Salads are always good, as is the baked squash (I always get it with the sauce on the side b/c they're a bit heavy handed with it).

    2. i love the bbq spare ribs with mexican coleslaw and mashed potatoes. the portion is HUGE. be prepared to share or take some home...yummy leftovers!
      i also like the stuffed shrimp.
      the salads are really nice and fresh as well.
      oh---and the garlic bread appetizer. to die forrrrrr!!

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        I've just been a few times for lunch and, each time, ordered the shrimp and avocado salad. It was a drop heavy on the dressing but still delicious.

        But even if the food was terrible, I'd go back to hang out there with a cafe con leche. So tasty.

      2. Recently went for our first time. Had brunch one fine Sunday. The french toast came with grilled pineapple and organic maple syrup. The steak and eggs very very tasty. The place is a true gem. Prices were right and you just new the main menu would be fantastic. Can't wait to go for dinner.

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          I have been back a handful of times and I must say their sandwiches are 1st notch. The fresh mozzarella they use is sublime. Im wondering where they get it from. I love how they toast the brioche buns and the cheese melts into the snadwich.

          The only negatives I have seen thus far are 1. the water they serve is terrible, bad tasting tap. If it was filtered from a pitcher that would be a nice touch. 2. They don't take credit cards which would be a nice touch as well.

          I am going to try everything off this menu if possible. Has anyone noticed if your bill is over a certain amount they give you a free cookie or pastry. Im just wondering what the magic number is and if anyone else noticed this?