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Apr 13, 2007 01:27 PM

Need great restaurant near Scripps Ranch Area

I am meeting a friend in the Scripps Ranch area next week for dinner (he is working there, staying at a Marriott). Is there a quality, non-chain restaurant anywhere close? Or at least high end chain, such as a Flemings Steakhouse or the like?


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  1. Up the road a bit is an excellent french place called BernardO's. I was there this week and had an amazing meal. Highly recommend going. The restaurant is on Rancho Bernardo road.

    1. Cavaillon would be my first choice. I think it's the closest option too.

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        Ditto Cavaillon.

        Absent that, head up to El Biz at RB Inn and check out what Gavin's doing! He was the US rep at Bocuse d'Or this year and was just named one of Food & Wine Mag's best new chefs for '07. First time a local chef still cooking in SD has been named. Perhaps someday we'll even make their food cities list...hey, you gotta have hope!

      2. My friends love the french resteraut in the vons shopping center in the old part of scripps.

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          La Bastide. Unfortunately, La Bastide just lost it's chef to... BernardO's! I haven't been to La Bastide since he left, though friends have claimed that it's just as good. Still, Cavaillon is much better than La Bastide (regardless of chef) and La Bastide is no more convenient to the Marriot in Scripps Ranch than Cavaillon is (the Marriot is off Mercy Rd., IIRC).

        2. Some people like Nugent's Fishgrille, but I don't. I find it's a lot of fried foods, few other options, and slow slow service.

          If you take Scripps Poway Parkway east to Pomerado Road, on the south side is a strip mall. There's a restaurant called Yanni's Bistro that is kind of Mediterranean but good. It's not at upscale as a steakhouse, but it's good food, good wine, and the servers are friendly.

          On Scripps Ranch Blvd, next to Vons, is a French place called La Bastide. I've only been there for lunch (I used to work in SR) but it seemed like it would be a nice place for dinner.

          Off the 15, at Mercy Road is another strip mall (sorry!) with KFC and Mesquite is there. We've only been there once (it was too expensive for our tastes) but it was tasty. It's kind of a sushi/grill/fusion type of place.

          Also not upscale, Shozen BBQ is a Korean BBQ on Mira Mesa Blvd. However, if you were going to get Korean BBQ, I'd rather recommend Bu Ga on Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

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            That’s about the list I’d provide. I’d recommend all of them – they aren’t going to blow your mind – but decent food. I can think of one more: a mid-priced Italian place a couple of exits to the north just behind the Olive Garden in Carmel Mountain Ranch called Cafe Luna. They don’t have a website that I can find but have an older profile here:


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              Ditto on Cafe Luna -- always have had pleasant dining experiences there.

          2. Cavaillon is excellent and has a $32 3 course prix fixe on Monday nights. French bistro style food. off the 56 freeway, near the 15 freeway.

            El Bizcocho in Rancho Bernardo (just up the freeway) is excellent fine dining. If you do a search for El Bizcocho, you'll turn up info on the board.

            The closest high-end steakhouses are in UTC. There is a Fleming's as well as Donovan's in the same vicinity (about 5 minutes apart from each other).