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Apr 13, 2007 01:10 PM

Six hours to kill near Atlanta airport

I have a six hour stopover this weekend with the whole family before an overnight trip to Europe. I can certainly drive for half an hour to get a good meal - kids are 17, 14 and 12. Looking to eat from 4 pm to 7 pmk. Any suggestions?

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  1. In a similar situation, I went here:
    Daddy Dz's 264 Memorial Dr, Atlanta, GA 30312 ยท 404-222-0206

    Great BBQ (to this northern chick, anyway, though it's highly rated also) Crazy good burnt ends, almost as good as Arthur Bryants.

    It's about 20 minutes from the airport. A good down home meal before you hit European food :-)

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    1. re: orangewasabi

      Thanks for the sugestion. BBQ sounds perfect.

      1. re: charlies

        daddy d'z is good, i don't think you'll go wrong there, but for BBQ i'd recommend Harold's at 171 McDonough Boulevard (right down the street from the US Penitentiary, you can scare the kids w/ it).

        1. re: wabbitslayer

          Agreed on both Daddy D'z (whoever thought of putting little bits of bbq pork into wonton wrappers & deep-frying them was a GENIUS) and Harold's. D'z is a better bet, food-wise. Ribs are quite good, chopped pork has some great outside brown, as the earlier poster mentioned, and it can be served unsauced, which is probably a good idea, since the sauce is that weird brown gloop that non-Carolinians put on BBQ ;-). You'll have to BYOVinegar, however.

          Whereas Harold's, which hasn't visibly changed since 1963 or before, is much more for the *experience* of the thing. Among the bizarre Harolds elements: the pork doesn't really taste of smoke, but they charcoal-grill the toast; the chopping block where they chop the pork has an indentation about 3" deep from the decades of chopping.

          You don't say where you're coming *from* before your stopover, and what foods you might be lacking. Atlanta is overflowing with great Asian food, for instance (although it's all on the northeast side, which is the opposite pole of the city from the airport, meaning a pretty hefty drive, unless you're driving in from that direction.

          Thumbs Up closes at 3 on weekdays and 4 on weekends, if my sources are correct, so while it's a good recommendation, it doesn't really apply.

          1. re: rossgrady

            Mrs. Sippi and I ate at Daddy Dz the other day and loved it. We found the Q to be first rate and the decor, both inside and out, to be....well... interestingly neat. It's as big a dump as we've ever been in.

            Order the sauce on the side. Our only complain was it was a tad over sauced.


    2. The Feed Store and The Pecan in College Park are both accessible from College Park Marta station, just one station North of the Airport. I would try there.

      If you are driving, try Floataway cafe.

      1. Very good diner food at Thumbs Up Cafe in East Point. 2 MARTA stops North of the airport, and a half a block walk (on White Way). Inexpensive, and I think a safer bet for the younger ones than some of the earlier suggestions just because of the menu variety.

        1. daddy d'z has excellent barbecue, also southern sides & cornbread. 6 feet under is also in that area, for pretty good seafood. if you want to avoid driving, take the marta train from the airport to the decatur station, where there's lots of family friendly places to choose from. brick store pub is great for bar food, and crescent moon cafe has a varied menu with breakfast all day.