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Apr 13, 2007 01:08 PM

anything good near Atlanta Aquarium

Going to Atlanta to visit with my father, 75, and could use a good close lunch spot. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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  1. French American Bistro

    It is opened M-Sat lunch and dinner

    Great lunch menu. About $10 a plate. Previously was Le Coze

    It officially opened 4-13-07

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    1. re: Rowdy Food

      Have you been to FAB yet? My husband and I have LOVED Brasserie Le Coze and were so sad to see it go.
      Unfortunately new location is quite a bit farther away from our house but willing to drive if it's worth it...

      1. re: laurendlewis

        Oh yea. I have been 3 times to FAB. Incredible. Most beautiful space I have seen in a while. I have posted about it on local ATL websites. I was crushed when Le Coze shut down. I am a big French fan in terms of what I cook at home.

        Recommended: Garlic frites (ask for aioli), mussels, skate, foie gras, etc.

        A huge winner. Definitely worth it. Definitely. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

        1. re: Rowdy Food

          Are their mussels as good as they were at Le Coze? My husband won't eat mussels anywhere else.

          1. re: laurendlewis

            I had the mussels Saturday night. Super tasty. I recommend getting some garlic frites with the mussels. They do uses a little cream with the broth. You literally get like a gallon of mussels.

            On Saturday, I went with a friend who was a huge Le Coze fan. We were both blown away.

            Yes, mussels are amazing.

    2. We've been pleasantly surprised by the food at the cafeteria inside the aquarium. It's not gourmet, but it's among the best "museum food" I've had. And it makes a nice break in the middle of your visit.

      1. Thank you all! I have fond memories of La Coze back when I used to live in Atlanta and my father has been wondering where they had moved to in the city. Perfect! Thanks again!