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Apr 13, 2007 01:01 PM

Has anyone bought a cake from Opera in San Diego?

I've been to their location downtown, which is reasonably priced, but I'm afraid that their whole cakes might be too expensive. I don't want to trek over to their wholesale place in Mission Valley to find that I can't afford anything. Has anyone bought a cake from them before? How much was it? Any recommendations?

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  1. You could ask for a price list:

    1. I haven't bought a whole cake, but I have had their pastries and macarons and they are pretty good. The cakes are mostly classic French patisserie items, passionfruit mousse cake, chocolate mousse cake, Opera cake (duh!) etc. I think their wholesale location is on Aero Drive, at least that is where it was before the shop opened. I suspect they are less expensive than Extraordinary Desserts or Twiggs - you could definitely call them - they are friendly and helpful.

      I've eaten lunch at their cafe because it's not far from my office - and I was a little disappointed in the savory food. It's the same three ingredients (ham cheese and mornay sauce) in different forms, quiche, pizza, sandwich, croissant. I am hoping they will branch out a little and start offering a salad or something a little lighter.

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        Thanks guys! I used to go to lunch because it was within walking distance from where I work too. I enjoyed the food, although I agree that it might not have been necessary to have so many forms of the same puff pastries. Their website looks amazing, however, and I will definitely call them to find out if it's affordable too.