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Apr 13, 2007 12:51 PM

Boston Foodie Destinations

I am visiting Boston from NYC and looking for some restaurants to dine in that are more about the food than the hype. You know, those places where the chef is just on the verge of breaking out and making a name for themselves, where there is not a big PR push and the buzz becomes more important than the food. Thanks.

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  1. Up-and-coming-chef? How about seeking out Will Gilson, Garden at the Cellar in Cambridge?

    1. Lumiere in West Newton is a foodie destination. Chef/owner is all about the food. Uses a lot of local and sustainable products.

      1. Request is kind of generic but basically search for one of MC Slim JB's recent posts and you're sure to get a fanastic list :-) Rendezvous in Central Square gets a lot of good reports. Also in this category is Rialto (Harvard Square), Franklin Cafe (South End), Eastern Standard (Kenmore Sq).

        I'll say that Garden at the Cellar (not far from there) was a real disappointment and hardly worth a trip from NYC.

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          Rendezvous is the place your looking for - Central Square, Cambridge

        2. Grain and Salt, Allston for Indian food, mostly Punjabi, and some Mughal/Pakistani
          Shanghai Gate, Allston for Shanghainese, especially the appetizers
          Cafe Baraka, Central Sq., for North African, order the squab bastilla 36 hrs in advance
          The Daily Catch, North End for squid ink pasta aglio olio
          Taqueria Mexico, Brookline - for lengua/tongue tacos and one of the finest horchata in the area

          While these places are certainly more about the food than the hype, they may not be exactly what you're looking for, because the chefs will likely never break out and make a name for themselves. The reason is that they don't do any PR, there isn't any hype, and the mainstream media wouldn't necessarily consider them as worthy, but there's skill and technique in the cooking.