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Apr 13, 2007 12:31 PM


Looking for Koreatown quality Korean BBQ in the San Fernando Valley? Must have BBQs at the table. Any ideas?

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  1. I recently went to an all-you-can-eat bbq restaurant off of Sherman Way and White Oak Ave close to Reseda. It's in the same mall as the Greenland Market. They were having a special of $18.99 per person for all you can eat meats. They had beef, short ribs, spicy pork, chicken, and pork belly. The special also came with free sushi rolls. The minimum order is for 2 people. I thought the food was pretty good, and the price was excellent for all you can eat place. Not sure how it compares to Koreatown, but my friend thought it was very similar to Manna.

    The BCD in the Valley in Reseda off of Saticoy and Lindley/Reseda Blvd. has pretty decent BBQ short ribs that come with the tofu combo. They also have a BBQ grill in the patio. Never tried it, but have seen people go out there.

    Finally, I read through chowhound that the BBQ House on Saticoy by De Soto Ave or Winnetka is supposed to be pretty good, but I have never been.

    If you are closer to Northridge area, Pine Tree Inn seems to get good reviews from this board, but I have never been there either.

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      The BBQ House on Saticoy is good, I think better than Pine Tree; Du Su Jang on Sherman Way is better than both.

      I can't wait to try Shik Do Rak.

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        Tried to go to the AYCE next to Greenland tonight... They apparently have changed ownership. There were crews changing the sign name (not like it did me any good as it was all in Korean anyway) but they said they would open next week. Not sure if it will still have the AYCE. Ended up at PineTree instead. Very good food there.

      2. I like Pine Tree. I have yet to try other Korean bbq in the Valley. Shik Do Rak seems to be a new option that has just opened in Northridge, but I haven't tried it, yet.

        Pine Tree Korean Restaurant - (818) 886-1512 - 8322 Reseda Blvd, Northridge, CA -
        Pine tree has bbq grills at the table (gas not charcoal).

        For more info on Shik Do Rak, see the link below:

        1. Duk Su Jang on Van Nuys Blvd. just south of Sherman Way.
          7126 Van Nuys Blvd
          Van Nuys, CA 91405
          (818) 989-7791

          Just ate there a couple of weeks ago and it did the trick. Got the calbi & the sliced beef tongue with sesame oil & salt.

          By the way, there are existing threads on this topic...just search "korean + valley"

          1. shik do rak on reseda and devonshire. across the street from the galleria market.
            expect to pay about $20 per person on dduk bosam.

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              another vote for shik do rak. we've been going regularly now. i'd give it a B+ overall- pros: love the duk bo sam, the service seems quite attentive. cons: the meat is good but not spectacular from my experience, the grill part has no slits so no flames touch the meat even for the marinated meats that are usually cooked on an open grill, and once we got a table that had problems w the burner and it took 3 rounds of complaining before they finally realized we weren't making it up and moved us to a different table halfway through our meal. they did though try to make it up to us by being extra attentive. but overall we keep going back because they seem to care about their customers and the duk bo sam is awesome.

              a new place opened up on tampa near nordhoff, right in front of the costco parking lot across the street from marie callendar's. it's nextdoor to pinkberry (to be opened) and the new in-n-out burger. it's called "maroo" i think. they've been open a little over a month now. the owner seems very nice and went around greeting all the customers and the staff was quite attentive. the place is quite fancy on the inside- think chosun kalbi in ktown (granite tables, fancy looking grills, modern looking decor, etc). have only been there for lunch, so have only had the lunchboxes (comes w/ meat, tempura, rolls, etc.). but they do have grills at each table and some of the tables were grilling the 2 times i've been there and it looked pretty good. i do say though the last time i was there the bulgoki i had for lunch was marinated quite sweet. they are open on christmas eve also fyi (owner made it a point to tell me!)

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