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The Mushroom

I'm in a Iron Chef mood today and the ingredient of the day is the mushroom. I'm a vegetarian and am thinking up ideas for an appetizer, entree, and dessert. For the appetizer and entree I have a couple ideas but am open to suggestions. I'm completely stumped on a dessert. Does anyone know how to make a dessert with a mushroom?

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  1. If it was Iron Chef, they'd probably make mushroom ice cream. That seems to be the go too dessert. I guess if you add enough fat and sugar to anything you can make it taste like dessert,

    What kind of mushrooms do you have?

    1. Unless you used a strong-flavored dried mushroom like porcinis, you'd lose any noticeable mushroom flavor in an ice cream. (Which might be the best thing!) On the other hand...dried porcinis with something like rum-soaked raisins...maybe a hint of spice, like cardamom, nutmeg, and/or cinnamon...that might actually be a palatable ice cream after all!

      If you're not up to making ice cream, how about a spice cake using dried mushrooms, or an apple cake substituting fresh mushrooms for apples? Again in that last case I think you'd be using the theme ingredient but losing a noticeable flavor.

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        I like the idea of a spice cake...

        1. Rough blitz dried mushrooms for use in a crumble.

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            to make it a final cheese course, serve a very excellent blue, drizzled with a lavendar and use Sam's crumbed dried mushrooms sprinkled on top, serve dainty, ightly toasted squares alongside, with a european butter.

          2. does using mushroom soya sauce count? a reduction of shroom soya sauce with balsamic and sugar over a poached pear would be good.

            1. Haha wow! What a response! Thanks guy...I currently have portabella mushrooms, but the store is around the corner so I could get others if I needed to.

              1. How about organizing the meal so it does not need a sweet finish? Dessert is a matter of custom, not necessity. Some other cultures put a sweet item in the middle of meal. Cheese is a common savory way to finish a meal, though I can't think of a cheese-mushroom choice.

                A crazy thought came to mind, but would require experimenting - mincemeat. The original mincemeat did indeed have meat, though most modern versions are just fruits like apples and raisins. Mushrooms, especially portabella, are good meat substitutes, since they have some of the same flavor compounds. However portabellas are notorious for coloring the whole dish black. You would also have watch out for the moisture content of the mushrooms; for example adding them after they are cooked, not raw.


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                  If you scrape the gills off of a portabella (with a spoon...gently) you minimize the blackness of a subsequent dish. You sacrifice some flavor, but for a 'dessert' that might not be a bad thing.

                2. Many years ago in my first vist to Europe, I spent time with a family that lived in Ghent, Belguim. They had a dinner party where "dessert" type items were served first with sweet wines. How about carmelizing mushrooms w/maple syrup and butter, sprinkle up some chopped pecans atop Then pull out the cheeses and serve with a sweet Chenin Blanc or a new fangled ice wine. Portobellos are perfect 'cuz they're so thick and meaty. Remember that salt/sweet goes well together so, adding prosciutto or ? wrapped in fruit....all goes well. I think the mushrooms would add a really cool and unique touch to the whole meal scene. A dessert.........chocolate bars and expresso.
                  If you want, add in a fondue, dip your carmelized portobellos along with marshmallows. :)KQ

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                    How about a Yule log with fake mushrooms?

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                      Great suggestions. I actually have a fondue set lying around that I haven't taken advantage of yet.

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                        I went a couple of weeks ago and bought Sephara fondue chocolate at Smart and Final. I skewered strawberries, dried pears, marshmallows and rice krispie treats. Add yurself some carmelized mushrooms covered in pecans. How bad could it be? You might take it a step farther and sprinkle some cinnamon or a little pumpkin spice into the maple and butter. Carmelize with the pecans and coat the mushrooms. Let it get cool and get kinda crunchy. Then dip into the yummy chocolate! WOW! You'll truely have something there. Don't even tell your guests what it is until AFTER they try it. Then email all of us. I would love to know your results. Tip on the chocolate: I just melted in a bowl in the microwave so, don't beak your back setting up a fondue pot if you don't want. I also have used a small crock pot....Have fun!!!! :)KQ

                    2. May be skirting the rules but:

                      Flourless chocolate cake with Creme Anglais with merigue cookies in the shape of mushrooms.

                      Although I love mushrooms, i love chocolate more.

                      1. Wait and see what the Iron Chefs come up with on 'Battle Mushroom' day!