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Apr 13, 2007 11:56 AM

Best salumerias, pork stores, cheese shops in Philly?

I'm looking for house-cured meats, homemade sausages, great cheeses and olives.

I know DiBruno's (Ritt Sq. and Italian Market), Claudio's (Ital Mkt) and D'Angelo's (Ital Mkt) and love them all (especially D'Angelo's where he makes his own amazing sausages, pancetta and guanciale, among other great things).

But I know that Philly must have other great Italian food shops - maybe some of them a bit more off-the-beaten-path (and a bit less pricey) than the big-name, centrally located places I've found in my first year living here.

I'm throwing a birthday party for a friend this weekend and I'd like to put out a nice spread of antipasti. I don't think I can afford to provision this party at DiBruno's - does anyone have a rec for a great place that I haven't discovered?

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    If you have a car, Carlino's in Ardmore / Havertown has some GREAT stuff at reasonable prices.

    1. Try Cannuli's at 17th & Ritner and also Fiorella's on Christian between 8th and 9th for pork.

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        Thanks Den and phillyjazz. I'll definitely check those places out.

        Can't believe I didn't get more of a response to this inquiry. It's weird. People are perpetually interested in signing on to the latest "best cheesesteak" debate (or "best burger," "best hoagie," etc.) even though it's the exact same conversation over and over and over again. But if you ask for some real chow-type information about our city, no one seems to have an opinion.

        Or maybe people just don't want to share their real off-the beaten-path discoveries.

      2. Guess this is too late if "this weekend" meant the 13 -15th (geez - give us a little time to reply and you might get a better response!), but check out the offerings at Mancuso's on Passyunk Avenue - house made Mozarella and lots of other stuff.
        Also, although I haven't been there in a while, there was a small Italian place on Frankfort Ave/RT 13 just south of Woodhaven Rd on the left side as you head south that was my Italian cravings lifesaver when I lived in that area - it had been there forever so I guess it still is.
        Have to agree about Sonny D'Angelos! Martins in the RTM also has a good selection of store made sausages (not cured however)

        1. I was also going to recommend Mancuso's for cheese. They make their own mozzarella every night.