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Bossa Nova on Sunset

Craving a late night bite, a buddy of mine and ducked into Bossa Nova. I was just hoping for a simple sandwich or a burger and he was just hoping for a salad of some sort but neither of us wanted to resort to going to a greasy spoon. Bossa Nova is anything but: it's got simple but comfortable decor, and it's got a cool vibe that's a mix of local scene and neighborhood hangout.

We started with the coaxinha app, which we didn't know what to expect, but came out looking and tasting like the world's greatest chicken nugget. The breading was very flavorful and the shredded chicken inside, though a little on the dry side, was still very tasty.

I had a chicken club, and while my vote for best club sandwich still goes to Joans on Third, I have to say that the bread used for this sandwich was excellent. Buddy ordered a shrimp and walnut salad that was nicely seasoned and dressed. We both also ordered a beer (me: Chimay Blue; him: Duvel) and opted for just a latte for dessert.

Total after splitting an app, two dinner entrees, two beers, two lattes, and tax came to $50. I'm also intrigued by their HUGE delivery area, which goes as far south as Wilshire and as far east as Western. I will definitely be taking advantage of this spot again soon.

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  1. I really like Bossa Nova too. The atmosphere is laid-back and the food is always really good. Their salads are spectacular and pizzas are delicious. I think there is in Beverly HIlls too, though I've never been.

    Clare K.

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      Agreed - Hollywood Bossa Nova is one of my comfort restaurants. This is one place where I always order the same thing - the Bossa salad with Shrimp, maybe a side of plantains, and if I'm eating there, a pitcher of Sangria. It's a great casual place to go with a few friends and talk.

      I hear the Bossa Nova in BH doesn't have a liquor license and is smaller.

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        Been to the Beverly Hills Bossa Nova; it is smaller but food is very good. I especially like the Beef Stroganof (something I previously had dreaded from too many cafeteria nightmares).

    2. Sangria is great. The coconut flan is perfection. And I love the traditional chicken with yucca flour.

      1. I like Bossa Nova and order delivery from them a lot (I think the delivery area is so large because there are several locations). The grilled meat (chicken or skirt steak) is particularly good -- served with a flavorful salsa, and their mashed potatoes are terrific.

        1. Try their pizzas sometime too. Soooo yummy. And they're open super late!

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            There is a heavenly plantain pizza, as well as a sandwich with plantains, mozzarella and cinnamon - so good........

          2. My wife and I order from Bossa Nova on Sunset once a week. She normally opts for the Bossa salad w/ chicken or salmon and I the fish of the day dinner. Sometimes we also get the bruschetta, which is quite good. Food delivered from BN is very very good, always shows up promptly, still very warm. All in all, I'd highly recommend it, delivered or not.

            Here's my question. When you order the fish of the day dinner, it comes with a nice filet of fish prepared perfectly, some rice and beans, some tomato salsa, and some bread crumbs. I generally spread the crumbs on the fish, but I am wondering what I am supposed to do with them. I've asked the kind folks who take the phone orders what I'm supposed to do with it, but they don't know. Any clues ???


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              That's farofa, toasted manioc flour. It's commonly served as a starch, like rice. Or you can sprinkle it all over a dish as well.

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                hrhboo is right, that is farofa, which is used to sop up any sauce and to add texture .You can eat it with the fish or the beans.The "tomato salsa" is known as vinagrete, another common Brazilian complement to any protein.

              2. Missed this thread somehow. Great writeup, SauceSupreme! :)

                Bossa Nova is also one of my favorite late night spots. Relaxing, good food late at night, and a nice vibe overall. (^_^)

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                  I always get a kick when one of my older threads get dusted off and brought to the front page again. I stay with my brother when I visit LA, and since he lives in Glendale I haven't had much time to go to the various places in Hollywood I used to go to.

                2. The BF and I frequent the Bossa Nova on Pico, in WLA. It's a great option for us because our tastes are very different and their menu is so wide-ranging. Some of my favorite things: the bacon-wrapped chicken brochettes, the seafood/blue cheese salad, the veggie lasagna, and the chicken stroganoff with rice and plantains (sooo good!)

                  one note about their delivery service: yes, it's great that they offer such a large delivery area but be forewarned--this means it can take forever. ALSO, every single time I've had them deliver, the food has arrived cold. That's fine for the salads, but not so much the pizzas (which are good at the proper temp.) So I usually just get off my lazy butt and pick the food up myself.

                  1. They are a comfy easy food place with comfy easy food. It appears to have traditional American/Italian with a little brazilian twist. I can't say I've been wowed by the food but just liked it when we can't think of anywhere else to go. Lasagna, pasta, and bread are good. I've tried their fried fish and it was ok.

                    1. I really enjoy the Sunset & the Robertson Bossa Novas, and I want to try the Pico one. Their salads are very good. My go-to dish there is "Willie's Famous Burrito", which has their delicious marinated chicken.

                      Bossa Nova is always a "safe" choice because there is enough variety for everyone, and the food is consistently good.

                      1. I love Bossa Nova!! The coaxinha app is my fave, but sometimes they run out. The daily veggie (vegan!) soup is a-may-zing, as are the salads. I get a side of plantains, and order them more on the burnt side, so they are extra sticky. My dad has been trying to get the recipe for the beef stroganoff for years, so if anyone can help....Also, I used to get delivery all the time, when I lived in West Hollywood, but haven't ordered since I moved, because I figured I'm now out of their delivery zone. But I just read a comment that mentioned that Bossa Nova delivers to a very wide area. Does anyone know if they will deliver to Beachwood Canyon?

                        1. Its been a long time since I was there, but I've always like Bossa Nova on Sunset.

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                            just had our first dinner at bossa nova pico. had the blue salad w/chicken - great marinated chicken and good flavors with the almonds and blue cheese. also had the ribeye, for $18 very tasty and well seasoned, although not "the best." the blue salad with steak was very good. had the deep fried plantains for dessert and they were the bomb!!!! sweet, chewy, almost carmelized on the edges....loved them. it's as good or better a $50 meal as most others for this price. biggest issue - it was very loud in there!

                          2. Bossa Nova is modeled after Brazilian lanchonetes or fast food restaurants in Brazil.They tipically have savories like the coxinha, one of the most popular salgados in Brazil shaped like a little chicken thigh, various salads, pratos feitos(grill items with rice and beans, etc.), pizzas, sandwiches,and massas(pastas).Two chains in Brazil come to mind, Viena and Galeto's.Of course, these are much better than Bossa Nova which is more like a La Salsa version of these restaurants.

                            The traditional Brazilian pizzas on BN's menu are the Portuguesa, calabrese, quatro formaggi, and margherita.Outside of Italy, Brazil has the largest population of Italians and has a more serious Italian culture and cuisine than here in the US.Most of Brazil's high end restaurants are Italian, and pasta is everywhere, as are risottos.That is why the menu at Bossa Nova has pizzas and pasta, not Italian-American with a Brazilian twist, but a fast food version of Italian food that is common in Brazil.BN has a variety of pastas that you wouldn't find in typical Italian-American restaurants, although there is some crossover.

                            If you like Bossa Nova you might like Galletto's in Westlake Village, not afiliated with the Galeto's in Brazil, but a better quality than BN, but also more expensive.The ultimate of course is Woodspoon, with a smaller menu, but the best typical Brazilian in LA.

                            Finding good coxinha in LA is very difficult, and I've heard that Bossa Nova's coxinha is OK,haven't been there in a while but will have to check this out.Your props to the coxinha at Bossa Nova has reignited my interest.Apparently it's the only coxinha that is typical of the size of the coxinha in Brazil. That's what my friend said.Too bad they don't have it with catupiry.