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Apr 13, 2007 11:41 AM

The Lower Depths

There have been plenty of mixed reviews on here about the Lower Depths in Kenmore. While I can't comment on the beer selection, I had a fantastic falafel wrap there for lunch. It was much better than the Ankara Cafe next door (which microwaved my falafel the one and only time I ate there). Nice flavor and crunch, with a good sauce and fresh veggies. They toasted the syrian bread, making the exterior crunchy as well. The side dish of mixed veggies was very tasty, coated with some herbs and spices.

Service was slow, however, even though we were the only party in the bar.

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  1. I've never had the food there, but the beer is way too overpriced. I think a houblon chouffe there is about $3 more than what I'd pay for it at the publick house and deep elum. I heard the wings were good though.

    1. I went to Lower Depths and the Other Side today, got a great veggie chip and macademia/cashew dip at Other Side and a great 'Fenway chili frank' ($2.5 w/chili) at Lower Depths -- both with great beer choices. Lower Depths is run by the the Bukowski group, it has similar beer and food choices. Another good reason to head to Kenmore Square for chow (BTW I tried the U-burger recently after reading about them on Chowhound and found them unremarkable).

      A comment about the beer selection at Lower Depths (it's spotty) -- I'd prefer more Australian choices, more non-wheat German beers, and more beers from Vt NY and CO.

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        Lower Depths has become a part of our rotation for pre-Fenway food and drink. Yes, the beers are expensive but they do a good job of keeping the lines clean, so we don't mind spending an extra buck or two. We had a delicious Smuttynose Farmhouse Ale last Tuesday that knocked us both off our feet. He always gets the fish wrap (used to be called a fish "taco," which it decidedly was not) and I have tried the cajun shrimp salad (served on a bed of fresh spinach - has some kick to it), the aforementioned falefel wrap which is tasty and enormous, and the shrimp quesadillas (served with refreshing mango salsa). The crew is always super-nice and efficient. We plan on stopping in again on Sunday before the game.