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Apr 13, 2007 11:17 AM

Recipe calls for 10'' tube pan but all I have is 9.5''. Can I use it?

The recipe is for blueberry pumpkin cake using a 10'' tube pan (which I hope is the same as an angel food pan b/c that's what I bought). Do I just need to change temp./cooking time? I'd appreciate any feedback from you bakers out there.

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  1. It may not fit all of the batter, but it should be fine. I always recommend watching it throughout cooking time just in case your oven is off temp or something in the recipe is mistyped, etc. It may take a touch less time, but keep an eye on it.

    As for the type of pan, I was under the impression that a tube pan was an angel food cake pan, but I don't think that's always the case. Sometimes people interchange bundt pan and angel food cake pan....

    Other insight about the pan??

    1. I consider a tube pan and angel food cake pan to be interchangeable. However, if I only had a bundt pan and a recipe called for a tube pan, I'd probably just use the bundt and not fill it up with batter (I think bundt pans have a smaller capacity than tube pans).

      A half inch difference isn't really that big a deal. I'd fill your pan and see how full it gets. If you get to 3/4 full and there's only a dollop of batter left, add it in but keep an eye on the rising in the oven. I'd hold the temp and check the cake 10 minutes before the time stated in the recipe.

      1. Thanks for the advice! I'm not much of a baker and I tend to want to stick to the exact recipe instructions b/c it seems to me that baking seems so exact. I'll give the 9.5'' tube pan a try and just keep checking for doneness.