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Apr 13, 2007 11:09 AM

Flatbush Farm

Wondering how long the wait is for dinner on the weekends these days? Thanks for any tips.

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  1. If this past Friday(April 13th) is any gauge of waiting times I would say that a party of two (my wife and I) arriving at 7:45pm would have no wait at all (we didn't). In fact the restaurant was only 1/2 full when we left at approximately 9:30pm. Based upon our experience and of the couple seated next to us I believe you will continue to find it quite easy to get a table there. The service was just terrible-although we were seated right away the waiter took a very, very long time coming over to our table to greet us (he mumbled and appeared annoyed), and take a drink order. The evening then became a series of service errors and indifference (i.e., they got my wife's entree wrong TWICE). The same waiter delivered entrees to the folks next to us less then ten minutes after they were served their appetizers and were in fact still in middle of eating them. The food was decent, the portions small but mostly it was the lack of any interest in accomodating us when the order was messed up not once but twice. We and the couple next to us (who witnessed the mistakes and the lack of interest in pleasing us) will never go back.

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      i had the same situation happen at brunch here a few weeks ago. my girlfriend's eggs were so undercooked she had to ask that they redo the order. instead, they put the whole plate in the oven and sent it back out to her completely burned and black.

      the waitress had some sort of mental illness. she was sweet but so incompetent. she was completely frightened when something went wrong with the order.

      ive had drinks there and this brunch episode puts me off ever having dinner there.

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        I understand that the chef at Flatbush Farm left within the last few weeks - any idea what is going on on that front?