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Apr 13, 2007 10:27 AM

Gaston Acurio's La Mar in Mexico City?

hey guys. planning a 5 day vacation to mexico city DF.
was wondering if anyones been to both la mar in DF as well as in Lima.

i went to the one in lima and was blown away, along with astrid y gaston. so was considering trying this one out as well...

if you have any other suggestions of where to stay (medium budget) or where to eat. that would be awesome too. just beginning to do research...

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  1. Hi... there is a lot of info on this Board to search for. Question for you what is medium budget for lodging.... $80, $200 or $300 a night?

    Basically the Hotel Cortez.. and a couple of others are adjacent to the Zocal and go for about $80 a night. The Camino Real in Polanco is a 4 star, with historic architecture by Legorretta that goes for about $150 to $200.... then you have your high end boutique hotels at about $300 a night.

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      thanks eat nopal...

      by moderate were talking like the 80 plus minus 20 range.... do you know any good spots in condesa in this range? i heard this neighborhood is nice. the condesa DF is too much for us.

      love the big soccer link...

      also is lunch the main meal of the day? and do the fancy restaurants have the set lunches for less money?

      im thinking Aguila y Sol and Pujol in particular... i remember reading this in past posts about people complaining it was dead during dinner time...

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        Check this place out... I've never stayed, but I helped find it for a couple of friends and they thought it was pretty nice. Note, the vast majority of the guests will be Mexicans or Spaniards so if you would like to stay around more English speakers please let me know, I will find something else.

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          you rock. this looks perfect! great price too!

    2. Just got back from La Mar for the first time and I think it is one of the most exciting seafood restaurants in town. The plaintain and sweet potato chips, along with the four accompanying dips were a real departure from the usual bread basket. We had the cold appetizer assortment, which was a sampling of various ceviches and other marinated fish and shellfish. It was excellent and the Peruvian influence was evident and truly different. At the recommendation of the waiter, who I asked for the ultimate La Mar dish recommendation, I had the black cod on mashed potatoes, and it was another winner. The cod was perfectly cooked. We had a bottle of (white) Albariño Rias Baixas from Galicia and it was perfect with the food. I brought a bottle home.

      The Sunday crowd was very family-oriented with tons of kids running around, as most Sunday restaurant crowds are, and the space and feel was not unlike Fisher's or Contramar, but La Mar is definitely a departure from both. We arrived at 1:30 and the place was empty...when we left at 3, it was packed and so was the bar, where people were waiting for tables. I look forward to returning soon, as well as the pending opening of Astrid and Gaston.

      The check for two people, including one bottle of wine and a few beers, was about $US100, including tip. Well worth the price...and the trip to Santa Fe from downtown.

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        i ended up not going because there were so many other dining options and everyone i asked about it had never heard of la mar.

        also, my experience at la mar in lima was so good i didnt want to taint any lingering impression by having a subpar experience at another restaurant.

        the last factor was my meal at contramar. overall i thought the food there to be average but the scene somewhat fun. particularly, the ceviche was using some sort of fish that was much mushier than i am used to. so it sort of scared me off of ceviche in DF and i ended up skipping la mar altogether...