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Apr 13, 2007 10:01 AM

Fajita Leftovers

So I made some fajitas earlier this week (chicken, w/ onions and peppers)... and I have lots of the fixings leftover! Any ideas on a "new" way to use the mix of chicken and peppers and onions?

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  1. Well, other than burritos, quesadillas and tacos (all of which I love), you could toss it with some pasta and cheese or bake it into a pot pie.

    1. top a salad, make great nachos, omelette/frittata

      1. Tortilla soup:
        In a soup pot, refry about a cup of onions, then add half a cup of peppers, and several tsp of ground cumin. When fragrant, add chopped up meat, about two cups. Then a 20 oz can of crushed tomatoes (or whatever I have left over from my home canned tomatoes that I've used the meaty romas) add a couple of cups of water with bullion cubes/stock base to match the meat. Bring to a gentle boil . Then add a package of cream cheese and place the covered soup pot in a low oven for four hours or so.
        If it needs thickening, slowly add corn meal after an hour in the oven.
        Garnish with fresh cilantro or tortilla chips or lime zest.

        1. Top a pizza (could add pineapple and/or Italian sausage to the mix, too)

          Food process or chop to a medium fine crumble, add capers, nuts, raisins, toasted cumin, cinammon, and use it to fill an (interpreted) empanada

          If it's not heavily spiced, stirfry with soy sauce, small amount of brown sugar, garlic powder, small amount of corn starch, and red chile powder. Serve over rice.

          Serve on a toasted baguette as a sandwich.

          Chop and use as an omelette filling.

          Chop fine and mix with mashed, fried green plantains, pork cracklings or bacon, and garlic. Mold using ramekins, simmer in a pan wth brown gravy. Serve with lots of this gravy.

          Lace onto rosemary skewers, partially immerse in rosemary, cider vinegar, lime juice, honey and olive oil marinade overnight, grill (or "grill" in oven), basting constantly, only only until warned through and surface is nicely glazed. Serve with pita or lavash.

          1. Chimichangas....Put your filling in large tortillas, and deep fry them...When fried, cover them with guacamole, cheese, sour cream, and salsa....