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Sushi tonight! What wine to drink?

Sushi tonight. Spicy tuna rolls, yellow tail, octopus, maybe one of the "pretend" sushi rolls with tempura shrimp. Hopefully some red clam. Any wine recommendations? I could go white or red. Any input would be appreciated.

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  1. Greco di Tufo..traditional style by Terredora, Benito Ferrara, Macchialupa, Montesolae, Vini Nobilis, Antonio Caggiano

    1. Bubbly like blanc de blancs Champagne, Crémant de Bourgogne or one of their New World analogues.

      Fairly neutral flavoured, minerally, high-acid white with a hint of residual sugar like an off-dry Vouvray (Chenin Blanc). Lighter styled Gruner Veltliner can also be quite nice.

      Spritzy Vinho Verde (don't laugh!).

      1. Agree that a gruner veltliner should work well with sushi. On the other hand, why don't you start with beer and then switch to sake! If it works for the Japanese, it should work for you.

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          The bride doesn't drink sake or beer. Only wine. That and I have about 50 bottles waiting to be opened.

        2. The usual picks would be what carswell suggessted plus pinot gris, traminer and riesling. For red, low/traditional alcohol (12.5%) pinot noir that's has more fruit rather than minerality/earth tones.

          But really, drink whatever you like and have fun, there are no "rules".

          1. champagne / sparkling wine goes great with sushi

            1. By far, the best pairing that I have had with sushi has been the Groth, Napa, Sauvignon Blanc. It has enough of a fruit-forward character to handle even serious wasabe, and enough acid to work with the fishiest of ingredients. It's about US$18/0.75ltr. and fairly readily available.

              A FR Riesling might work also, but for #2, I'd look to bubbles. Again (after an earlier post to a different thread), I'd seek out a Brut Rosé.

              One needs the sweet/fruit, plus the acid.


              1. I don't know how alone he is in this philosophy, but one of the top sushi chefs in Washington, D.C., is a proponent of serving the most burgundian of pinot noirs with sushi. (Me, I always go for Kirin Ichiban beer.)

                1. Usually do the Kirin, Sapporo or plum wine thing. Went for a nice Pinot Noir this time. Worked well. THanks for all the suggestions. Next time we're going to do champagne. I'll let you know how we fare.

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                    Just curious as to which pinot you chose. There have been a number of discussions on the board regarding inexpensive pinot (less than $15/750 ml). Did you go with one of these or something more expensive?

                    BTW, you mentioned previously that "the bride" didn't drink beer so I was surprised by your comment that you usually drink beer with sushi. Must be a recent bride! LOL, LOL.

                    If I can find it, I usually opt for Asahi Super Dry beer with sushi. Used to drink the Kirin lager but find the Asahi more satisfying. Many of the Japanese beers in this country are made under license by American breweries and are not as good as the real thing.

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                      Went with a 2005, not sure if it was Ca. Washington or Oregon. I think the name was Kee Shaw, not 100% on the name but I remember the label saying the vineyard was named after the propreitors dog. It was very good and paired well for the wife and I. I love wine, but more of an amateur at the food paring thing. That said, give it a whirl. Maybe you too will enjoy it.

                  2. This is going to be a pointed sell (my father is the sole importer of this wine), but start looking for a wine called KOSHU. It's one of few actual Japanese wines, a dry white produced in the mountains near Kyoto. It's fantastic, and perfect with sushi if you want white wine. Depends on where you live, as it's just coming to the states, but keep your eye out...

                    1. I would think that a Manzanilla would go great. Maybe La Gitana?