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Apr 13, 2007 09:39 AM

Williams Sonoma Cocktail Tamales?

Anyone tried these?

Well, they do look cute ... no lard involved with husk color-coded to indicate flavor ...
- barbecued chicken and smoked gouda
- blue corn green chile and jack cheese
- shredded beef and California chile
- pork with green chile

Price is $54 for 3 lbs (32 mini-tamales) and 8oz of tomatillo sauce.

Anyone tried the regular-sized tamales

Twelve tamales for $49.50

- chicken with mango barbecue sauce
- blue corn, green chile and jack cheese with tomato-chipotle sauce
- shredded beef with California chile sauce
- pork carnitas with tomatillo sauce

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  1. I find it amusing that the tamales are made according to authentic recipes, yet don't have lard. REAL tamales use lard for the masa. Shortening just won't bring the same richness as good old fashioned lard.

    And 50 bucks a dozen plus shipping? You have GOT to be kidding. Find a Mexican grocer in your town; if they don't have great tamales there, they will certainly be able to point you in the right direction. Or, find some good recipes online and have a tamale making party (which is often how they're made during the holidays). For that 50 bucks you could be up to your armpits in delicious homemade tamales.

    1. i've tried the regular-sized tamales [pork carnitas with tomatillo sauce; white corn] and they were absolutely amazing. i got them as a gift and literally ate them every single day until we didn't have any left ... it's very pricey to buy for yourself, but it's seriously worth it. the tomatillo sauce actually doesn't even need to be heated up, and the pork is just amazing (:

      i'm actually looking forward to buying a new shipment sometime soon ...